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“Lotus Tower to open casino in march”

South Asia’s first revolving restaurant ‘Blue Orbit’, opens:

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By Shirajiv Sirimane

The world’s highest ‘sport jumping’ from a ‘multi-facility tower’ from a capital city will be introduced at the Lotus Tower next March.

A foreign company will launch this service which will be the first time in the world that a sports jump is initiated from a height of over 185 metres from the tower of a capital city, said CEO of Lotus Management Company Maj. Gen. (Rtd) Prasasd Samarasinghe.

He said they will also soon sign up for the first casino to be operated in the Lotus tower. This will be with an Indian company.

The Indian company was selected as the much publicised Casino project with a Singaporean company did not materialise.

He also said that South Asia’s first revolving restaurant at a higher elevation, ‘Blue Orbit’, was opened yesterday as a joint venture between them and Citrus Leisure. “We have invested Rs. 200 million on this.”

The revolving restaurant could accommodate 225 guests at a time and will serve lunch and dinner daily on a buffet style.

“As the Lotus Tower reaches new heights, Citrus Leisure has taken the lead with regard to hospitality services at the Tower and become an integral part of our iconic structure. This collaboration symbolises not just elevated dining but a fusion of innovation and tradition, reflecting the spirit of Sri Lanka’s progress.”

Samarasinghe also said that they will also build and introduce another convention centre to host multi- functions in the city of Colombo. “We will also install solar power panels on its roof.”

He said that they will also tie up with an international sports operator to introduce water sports activities in the adjoining Beira lake area.

“Since the opening of the Lotus Tower one and a half years ago we have converted the loss making venture and to date over 1.3 million people have visited the tower along with around 40,000 foreign guests.

“We also play Rs. 100 million regularly to the Telecom Regulatory Commission,” he said.

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