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Mario Ananda’s “Collateral Damage” song promises a tapestry of creativity

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Words: Isuru Thambawita

Inherited his father’s creative spirit, Mario Ananda has serenaded thousands of hearts with his dulcet voice. His new musical creation “Collateral Damage” promises to be another masterpiece woven with the golden threads of his heart-soothing voice. Certainly, this musical creation like most of his musical creations will become a tapestry of emotions, feelings and musical flavours for us. The signature icon he has established in his creations is the fact that his lyrics and musical flavours narrate a tale on children around the world. Living on the Edges created by Mario, is a source of motivation and inspiration for kids.

As the chief guest, Mario Ananda participated in a concert at Negambo South International School recently. With the intention of leaving a memorable memory in students’ hearts, he together with students performed his new song ‘Collateral Damage’ at the concert.

“Whenever someone invites me for something special I often try my best to do the maximum justice for them. Three days prior to the concert, I met some students of the school media unit. Chamathka is one of such student. I told her that I would perform a song with the other students at the concert. Expectedly, the Principal of the school Deshabandu Vidyavisharada Anushka Perera agreed with our idea,” said Mario.

Obviously, Mario belongs to the calibre of Michael Jackson who composed songs for the betterment of the entire world. For instance, Jackson’s ‘Heal the World’ is an ideal example for his humanity and compassion. MJ composed ‘Heal the World’ to teach children the importance of loving, sharing and caring. Mario’s new creation “Collateral Damage” revolves around the silent victims of blood-shedding wars and conflicts. Who are the silent victims? It’s children on both sides.

Lyrics gifted by the God and musical flavours that angels added, come in unison. As noted by Mario, he has penned the lyrics two days prior to the event after composing the music. Interestingly, NSIS students had practised the song within a day and performed at the concert in a brilliant fashion. Now with a simple click on Spotify, Apple music and You Tube, you can listen to the musical creation during your leisure time.

Extending his gratitude to his beloved father Gration Ananda, mother Srima Chandrani, his sister Dulanjali Ananda, Armin Ghering of Arnuka Records Global, he dedicated his musical creation to all. In addition, Mario expressed his gratefulness to those who shouldered the responsibilities of the song, Gayan C. Bentharage, the Recording Engineer of the song, the camera crew Sudarshana Somarathna and Kalinga Hapugoda, photographer Bandara, Anupapremarathne, Harsha De Silva of Three Vision TV Channel. Not only the professionals, speaking of the children, Mario highlighted their names such as Chamathka, Ravana, Kevin, Claudia, Sara, Ershon, Yemeema, Savenya, Shera, Nethu and so on.

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