A celebration for all

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By Susantha Bandara Wijekoon

The village buzzed with the joyous sounds of children’s laughter as grown-ups hustled and bustled, preparing for a grand celebration. Colourful decorations adorned the houses and the smell of delicious food filled the air.

The polkichchi

A curious polkichchi watched with wide eyes as children ran about laughing and grown-ups scurried here and there. Perched on a nearby branch, she wondered what all the joyful hullabaloo was about.

A question

She flew home to ask her mother, “Why is everything so joyful at the Gamarala’s house?”

“It’s their Avurudu festival,” her mother said. “A time for people to celebrate together.”

The Polkichchi’s eyes sparkled. “Can’t we have an Avurudu festival too? With all the animals in the forest?”

“That’s a wonderful idea!” her mother smiled. “But how will we know what to do?”


“We can learn from our friend, Kaloo!” the little bird chirped. Kind and old, Kaloo is Gamarala’s dog. After a good time of obedient service, he was now enjoying his retirement.

Kaloo listened carefully to the little bird’s plan. “An Avurudu festival is a happy time,” he said. “There’s food, games, and most importantly, a chance to be kind and forgiving.”

He suggested they start with food and then add decorations and activities later. The little bird happily flew back to share the news with her mother.

Soon, the forest was buzzing with activity. Monkeys gathered flowers, peacocks offered their feathers, and squirrels strung sparkling fruits on vines and crows brought beautiful yellow bananas.

Wise old owl

The wise old owl remembered that the fox and a rabbit once made delicious kiribath (milk rice), so they were chosen for the job.

Meanwhile, the little bird met the old dog again. “Our animal friends are working together to prepare the celebration,” she chirped.

“Excellent!” boomed the dog. “Avurudu is a time for goodwill and forgetting past quarrels. Invite everyone, even the Koha in the Gamarala’s garden. He was singing alone there, scared of crows.”

The crows were hesitant at first, but remembering the spirit of the New Year, they agreed to make peace with the Koha. As the sun set over the forest, the animals looked around at the new friends surrounding them.

What had started as the little Polkichchi’s curious question had blossomed into a magical Avurudu celebration filled with laughter, kindness, and forgiveness.

Feathers, flowers, and smiles adorned the trees as the merrymaking continued late into the night.

At that moment, the woodland creatures knew their unique festival would become an annual tradition – a time to come together, let go of past squabbles, and rejoice in their extraordinary community.

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