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First immersive and interactive digital art experience

Pixel Bloom opens at Colombo Lotus Tower

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By Dinuli Francisco
The opening of Pixel Bloom to the public

Pixel Bloom ushers in a new age of digital creativity at Colombo Lotus Tower – South Asia’s first immersive and interactive digital art experience space. It is where the tower itself becomes a centre of creativity and innovation in Sri Lanka, establishing a vibrant setting in which technology enables new artistic expression. This is just the beginning of Sri Lanka’s first tower’s mission to stimulate and create ingenuity nationwide.

The partnership between Colombo Lotus Tower, Bling Productions, and Eyeon promises to transcend the levels of creative experiences and visual art. It guarantees much more than a visual treat to the eyes and the sky as future projects will ensure Colombo Lotus Tower envisions innovation as a creative. Lotus Tower invites the creative dark forces to emerge and inspire through Pixel Bloom. “Collaborators such as Shakya TM Studio, D4 and the community of musicians and storytellers brought Pixel Bloom to life, paving the way for a broader future for the digital world,” said the Colombo Lotus Tower team.

Pixel Bloom offers seven unique experiences in every zone, each of them being presented as a separate journey. It ranges from a symphony of light, sound, and colour on the Story of Colombo and its landmarks to the interactive digital and immersive art installations presenting an experience from another dimension to the pixel-bloomed Story of Colombo Lotus Tower. EPSON laser projectors power the setup and supplement it with state-of-the-art media servers and fibre data technology to secure uninterrupted data transfer and high-definition. Artnet Technology controls the intricate pixel lights, while DMX Signal governs all lighting aspects, offering precise computerised control over every installation element.

Pixel Bloom brings together a diverse team of creative minds, including local and international tech designers, 3D artists, musicians and artistes, architects, engineers, developers, audio specialists and lighting designers, each contributing their unique expertise to the project. From conceptualisation to execution, the team collaborates seamlessly to bring Pixel Bloom’s vision to life.

Pixel Bloom also aims to promote STEAM Education—Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics—as catalysts for creativity and innovation by inspiring collaboration and exploration. Pixel Bloom will bring on board many local and international creative minds to collaborate on the project, periodically offering new experiences in the digital art installation and exposing the visitors to a new experience during their next visit.

CEO of Colombo Lotus Tower Major General Prasad Samarasinghe (Retd.) shared his enthusiasm for being a pioneer in immersive digital art experiences for Sri Lankans and foreigners. Business Development Manager Bimsara Rozairo highlighted Colombo Lotus Tower’s commitment to spearheading technology in the emerging digital era by offering immersive and interactive digital art technology for the first time in South Asia. Director of Bling Productions Marlon Jesudason described Pixel Bloom as a visionary project that has come to life at Colombo Lotus Tower.

Pixel Bloom operates on weekdays from 9 am. to 9 pm. and on weekends from 9 am. to 10 pm.

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