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Multifaceted Kenolee Diyathma takes Sri Lanka to the world

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Words: Isuru Thambawita

Already, we have passed the epochs of wisdom, digitalization and science and technology. Now we are entering a new era.

This is the era of the multi-talented with innovative and creative ideas. This piece is dedicated to such a multifaceted individual who is set to represent our country at an international conference (YPF).

Kenolee Diyathma, standing on the threshold of her youth, is still 17 years old. At present, she is studying at Asian Grammar School, Gothatuwa while pursuing a degree course in Fashion and Design at AMDT. Being the only child in her family, she grew up with her beloved grandparents amid boundless love, affection and blessings from her parents, teachers, relations and friends.

School life

“I am grateful to my school AGS. My Principal madam Dr. Thushari Koralage and Deputy Principal Mrs. Savini Tennakoon always keep me motivated. I am here today thanks to AGS,” she said with beaming smiles.

Kenolee, setting an example to all students, is showing her same enthusiasm and interest in her extra-curricular activities including club activities, athletics, swimming, wushu, gymnastics and chess.

“I contributed to extracurricular activities and school club activities. Sometimes I didn’t have enough time to balance both my studies and other activities. These days I am getting overloaded with my assignments and O/L examination. So, I sleep around 3.00 in the morning and have to wake up at 6.00 because my O/L exam starts at 8.30 am,” Kenolee said.


With our birth we bring certain skills and talents to shine brighter than others in society. Born with multiple skills, Kenole came to be known as a multifaceted student among others. She stole others’ attention as the best announcer at AGS at her tender age. When she was in grade five, she rocked the school stage and amazed the whole audience, showing the signs of a well-seasoned announcer.

“I held a microphone for the first time in my life when I was in grade five. I had to deliver a vote of thanks in front of a large audience on the school stage. Since then, my AGS teachers encouraged me to enter the announcing field,” said Kenolee with pride. Indeed, her performance as the head announcer at the Thinetha concert at the Nelum Pokuna is a testament to her announcing skills.

If you know Kenolee’s skills well, no wonder that you will call her an amazing girl. Gifted with rare kind skills to grasp any foreign language within a short time period, she speaks English, Japanese and Tamil fluently except for Sinhala. Learning another new language in addition to your mother tongue is an investment in your life because your language knowledge gives you another new eye to see the world. When asked about her language journey, she said that she loves to learn foreign languages.

“I love to learn languages. If we can speak more languages, we can connect with more people. It enables us to share our knowledge and ideas with each other,” said Kenolee.

Not only was she able to embark on her higher studies at the age of 17, but also became fortunate enough to represent our country at an International conference, bringing pride and glory to our country.

“My parents always motivate me to do what you want, when you are young. Today’s generation is more talented and creative than our old generation. Hence, our traditional education system too has to be changed. There should be new subjects in the school curriculum so that students can sharpen their creativity. There should be a change in our education system,” she said.

Young Professional Fellowship (YPF) international conference

Young Professional Fellowship (YPF) is a fully funded program which is due to be held in Bali on the 25th and the 28th of June, 2024.

This program is conducted by the Mentor Amiable Professional Society (MAPS) with the main aim of improving the leadership skills of youth under 40 years of age. Moreover, the Program emphasizes on eradicating differences and cultural barriers by incorporating cultural diversity, the inclusion of numerous ethnicities, and interfaith harmony for generating citizens with an elevated sense of responsibility and high caliber. Kenolee is the youngest one to participate in this conference.

To achieve the pinnacle of success we need to derive inspiration from someone. Without inspiration and motivation, we cannot win our life. “I am here today thanks to my parents and our madam Principal Dr. Thushari Koralage and Deputy principal Savini Tennakoon. A.G.S. is the best place for my life. Speaking of my friends, I cannot forget my friend Chithuni. She was the former head prefect of our school.”

Her future goal and message

Her future goal is to become a fashion designer with her own brand. This is how she shared her opinion. When asked about her message to other students, she said thus. “Live your life to the fullest when you are young. If you are happy about what you do, just do it. We cannot please everyone because we regret what we didn’t do.”

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