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Some of the phobias in life

by jagath
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Words: Nirosha Rajapakse

The icons, idols and barons are deft and adroit at drawing a veil over their fright and insecurities.

A deep layer of expensive makeup is the shield, which makes the wrinkles and age spots in their faces invisible. The most sophisticated designer clothes and the million-dollar prized aiding and contributing accessories worn by them may exhibit an inclination that could even throw the onlookers off; they will lucidly infer that nothing is smart enough to approach their specific community.

These remarkable people who are considered as celebrities are unassuming in admitting to their fears and lack of confidence. Phobias and fears may engulf anybody’s life and celebrities do not become exceptions either. Coming to know of the fact that Gustave Eliffel, the designer of the Eiffel Tower was said to be afraid of height and was often noticed of being with the Phobia of height.

Fear of heights

This specific mental health condition is known as Acrophobia where the individual experiences an intense fear of heights; Woody Allen, the Academy Award winning director is also included in the same category. Julius Caesar, Napoleon Bonaparte, Mussolini, Adolf Hitler, William Shakespeare and Alexander the Great had the symptoms of Ailurophobia which is an extreme and irrational fear of cats.

Nearly a fortnight ago, a dear and near friend of mine brought out an absorbing and engrossing accusation against me where I found him to be rather adamant and confident with the assertion, levelled against me. He declares that I am a philophobic and trying to be dramatic at some point. I still call those accusations are unassuming; neither culpable nor blameworthy. Am I a philophobic really? Am I frequently noticed with the sings of the philophobia?

I am still baffled and perplexed over being philophobiac; did my watching of Russ Duritz, played by Bruce Willis in Disney’s ‘The Kid’ Amy Schumer being Amy Townssend in ‘Trainwreck’ and Kristen Wiig decorating herself as Annie Walker in ‘Bridesmaids’ contribute considerably to my inner self being with philophobia?

The Oxford dictionary defines philophobia as “an irrational or disproportionate fear of falling in love”. Albeit philophobia does not come under the category of a mental disorder that a doctor is likely to diagnose, it has not been included in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM); however, it may have the capacity of making people feel unloved and isolated. Some people may even suffer in a self-imposed seclusion.

The angst and jitters that you carry might reproachfully and reprovingly affect your potentiality of initiating and maintaining a consequential and substantial relationship. A heart- wrenching breakup that may give the victim a throbbing like sense of alarm, a traumatic and unpleasant divorce as well as a wave of stranding and desertion experienced either during childhood or adulthood may lead to the generation of strange fright and fear in falling in love at some points in life. Philophobia is a noun that has migrated into the English dictionary from its roots based up in ancient Greece.

Though no solid and compelling evidence is found to ascertain the fact that Queen Elizabeth I also had been influenced by philophobia, some people assume that she remained single and became known as “Virgin Queen”, due to her trepidation in falling in love. As my chum says, am I a total jerk or yank or have I really got the traits of philophobia? I struggle and doubt the answer. No matter whether I am a philophobiac or not, I have found that you may not have grisly and horrendous feeling of flying, but crashing may inject you with spine and bone chilling emotion.

Delightful ingredient

Similarly, the people who are noticed to be philophobiac are not timid and apprehensive of falling in love, but of getting overlooked, ignored and undervalued. Congeniality and hereditary are rooted with the elements of love; it is universal; no giant refuses to be in love. Each element which is universal has its own natural response. You got to notice which becomes the most significant vigour and strength element; the love you offer for someone no matter whether it is romantic or not, the potential blanch and flinch of the risk of falling in love.

On some contexts, love behaves as a form of an abstract noun that occupies the people’s lives as a delightful and fascinating ingredient which keeps them going. However, in contrast, the same delightful ingredient may also be daunting and harrowing. Whilst some solicitude and distress being normal, there remain some people who find that just a sheer thought of falling in love is rather awful and scary. It is habitually involved with both physical and emotional reactions even when just having a thought of falling in love.

Although fear is not every time significant and healthy, it also achieves a quite prominent position and would invariably become your saviour at some specific circumstances where the sheer sense of fearful thoughts would make a citadel against an invasion of unhealthy thoughts developed on a certain party in whom you may even consider being in love. Since fear is programmed into your nervous system and the same facilitates the injecting of your survival instincts, you would be sensible and watchful to keep yourself safe from danger.

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