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Clarification from President’s Media Division

by damith
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The Presidential Media Division (PMD) has sent a clarification with regard to the news item published in the Sunday Observer of June 2, 2024, under the headline “AG’s extension due to probe on Easter Sunday attacks”.

The clarification, sent by PMD Director General Dhanuska Ramanayake said, “I am writing to address a statement issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in Sri Lanka (CBCSL) on June 6, 2024, referring to news items in the Sunday Observer and the Silumina of June 2, 2024, regarding an alleged statement by President Ranil Wickremesinghe when he met with a group of Members of Parliament. No source was mentioned for this allegation.

The President’s Office has made available the Janak de Silva Commission Report and Annexures, consisting of 46,257 pages, for perusal to the CBCSL. Thereafter, President Wickremesinghe appointed the Attorney General, Secretary to the President, and the National Security Advisor for further discussion with the CBCSL regarding this matter.

On May 28, 2024, the Secretary to the President wrote to the President of the CBCSL to formally arrange a meeting between the two groups. The President of the CBCSL acknowledged this letter on May 30, proposing a meeting on either Wednesday, June 5 or Thursday, June 6 during the Bishops’ Conference in Ampitiya, Kandy.

However, on June 5, the President of the CBCSL wrote to the Secretary to the President cancelling the proposed meeting.

This cancellation letter did not raise any issues regarding the news items published in the Sunday Observer and the Silumina. But subsequently, the CBCSL issued the statement referred to above.

The Government regrets the CBCSL’s decision to withdraw from a constructive dialogue on the recommendations of the Janak de Silva Commission Report.”

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