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Sir Isaac Newton

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Sir Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 at Woolsthorpe Manor House, United Kingdom to Hannah Ayscough. According to the Julian calendar, used in England, he was born on Christmas Day, 1642. His father had died three months before his birth. When Newton was three, his mother remarried and went to live with her new husband leaving her son in the care of his grandmother.

Newton grew up with his grandmother. When he was young, he was interested in making kites and water clocks. At the age of fourteen, Newton went back to live with his mother.

Farming was what their family did. Newton’s mother wanted to train her son to farm, but Newton read books and engaged in creative play in the garden. He was admitted to Cambridge University to read for a degree.

Newton graduated at the age of twenty two and became a professor of mathematics at the age of twenty six.

His contribution to the development of Science is tremendous. He discovered and explained the principle of gravity. He did many experiments by letting sunlight enter through a small hole in a dark room and with them he showed that sunlight has seven colours.

In recognition of his exceptional services, he was conferred a knighthood. He died on March 31, 1727 at the age of 84.

T. Amani

Grade 11-D

Al-Hilal National College


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