Business value of fit employees

by malinga
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Do you have employees who are sick every other week? Do you have employees who are very slow? Have you had situations where your tolerance level exceeded either as a supervisor, peer or subordinate not been able to accomplish set goals as a team with these unfit employees? Do you have employees who for the slightest and manageable sickness use that as an excuse to stay away from work?

Productivity of an organisation is synonymous with the productivity of its employees. Productivity of an organisation is an undeniable competitive advantage. Every employer knows that the most important assets of any company are its employees.

The ultimate goal employers want from employees is to reach maximum productivity levels. To accomplish this, employees need to be at their best. Promoting fitness is one of the most beneficial choices any employer can make to encourage their workers to reach their full potential. Exercise supports an optimal weight, better overall health and has many other benefits.

Workplace wellness is an essential part of being a modern employer, especially if you want to boost productivity and morale while seeing your team gain tangible health benefits. In particular, encouraging fitness in the office can keep employees engaged, active and interested in their work, making it a win for everyone.

Fit, healthy employees help businesses lower workplace absenteeism rates. Businesses that create a fitness culture can end up saving money by increasing work attendance. A healthy body also promotes optimistic thinking.

Strive for excellence

Increased physical activity, healthier diets, lower intake of fats and reduction in body weight impacts your personality in a positive way. It also makes you more confident and your mood lightens. Exercise gives employees the feeling that they’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing, which allows them to set higher goals and strive for excellence. Since they don’t settle for less than meeting their goals, they are very successful.

Fit employees are less likely to use sick days. When employees use less sick days, they contribute more to overall productivity. They also reduce the hassle of trying to find replacements at the last minute.

Employees who exercise are much less likely to get sick than those who don’t exercise. Fit employees are also less likely to take an extended leave of absence, require surgery or quit because of health reasons.

Exercise gives employees more energy. While many people think exercising drains energy levels, it actually creates more energy. Exercise promotes better circulation, which allows ample amounts of blood to reach the brain consistently. This makes employees more focused and alert. Exercise encourages goal achievement.

Fitness programs demand commitment and goal setting. Since employees are familiar with these important tasks, they’ll also carry them into the workplace. Employees who can achieve goals consistently are an asset to any company.

Fit leaders

Employees who are fit make good leaders. Since they are disciplined by nature, fit employees do well at leading others. Their confidence is high, and they use that to help direct others. They are usually the first ones to jump in with a solution to a problem.

Every employer knows that having a problem solver is an asset. Exercise contributes to a better attitude. When people exercise, the chemical changes in their body create a better mood. People who are in a good mood make excellent employees because they are more balanced mentally.

Employees who are energetic inspire confidence in others. Fellow employees are likely to look up to an employee who is fit. The fit employee’s discipline to follow an exercise program gives other employees the sense that they’ll always have someone to provide solutions to problems. Fit employees are also more likely to speak up when something isn’t right. If there are problems with other employees, a system or equipment, they’re not too timid to confront their supervisors.


Fitness reduces employees’ stress levels. Exercise has the phenomenal ability to lessen the amount of stress felt from physical and emotional tensions in life. Employees who aren’t stressed are more focused, positive and happy. Their clear minds allow them to focus on work, which means they contribute to a much higher level of productivity. Many employees feel that their employers don’t appreciate them or their contributions.

Investing in employees’ fitness has various benefits. Among them is a healthier body that promotes cognitive development. It also helps in reducing the number of annual sick leaves, improve workplace environment, and retain hardworking employees. Creating a work culture that promotes health through all aspects of your employees’ lives has various health benefits. They can be fit, healthy, satisfied, and happy. Take your business to the next level. And as an individual you will be more energetic and happier which will make your personality stronger to win the first impression. Go for it.

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