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Recognition for young agri entrepreneurs

Artiste Rohana Baddage addresses the gathering

The CIC Group’s CSR initiative, CIC Manussakema will unveil a host of new initiatives aligned with the company’s objective to improve agri industry resources, while reaching out to support the nation’s young generation achieve their academic goals, the company announced last week.

The initiative is a multi-dimensional CSR initiative consisting of several programs that are multifaceted in their nature and approach.

The initiative was launched in 2008 to uplift the lives of rural agricultural communities spread across Sri Lanka. CIC Soora Goviya a part of Manussakema, was carried out consecutively for four years from 2009 to 2013. This competition sought to positively recognize and reward young agricultural entrepreneurs of Sri Lanka. This novel concept was highly successful as it was able to create social recognition for these enterprising youth hailing from agricultural backgrounds along with rightfully recognising their potential and capacity in the agricultural industry. Drawing from the success of this program and its experience, arrangements are underway to launch another season of CIC Soora Goviya, with a totally novel concept.

This new season will consist of four phases, and 20 successful young and enterprising farmers from each phase would be selected to be part of a final group consisting of 80, who would get the chance to undergo an extensive training program in latest agro-technology every three months. This group of 80 members will form the ‘CIC Soora Govi Front’ and would continuously engage in activities that seek to update their knowledge and skills in meeting the needs of the 21st Century agro industry. The Manussakema program will see CIC Agro and the CIC Group of companies working together for the first time, while Prof. Buddhi Marambe and Senior Journalist Wasantha Dukgannarala take the leadership in steering the campaign forward. This program will be aired on television soon. 

Audience at a Danuma Dhanaya seminar