Freshness of chicken matters most for consumers, university study | Sunday Observer

Freshness of chicken matters most for consumers, university study

The Management Faculty of the University of Kelaniya recently conducted a market research study to ascertain consumer views and preferences, to studying various aspects of purchasing behavior among consumers when buying chicken.

The ‘Freshness’ of the chicken was foremost on their minds when choosing among brands of chicken sold in packed form across the country. As an ISO 22000 certified organization, Crysbro follows the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points or ISO 22000 systematic, preventive approach to food safety from biological, chemical and physical hazards in its breeding, production and distribution processes. Crysbro ensurescompliance with ISO 22000 protocols at five critical points.

These factors confirm that Crysbro’s overarching commitment to freshness is in line with results of theuniversity research, which revealsthat Sri Lankan consumers regard ‘freshness’ as the most important consideration when purchasing chicken.


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