Lanka Hospitals IVF Centre awaits 1,000th test-tube baby | Sunday Observer

Lanka Hospitals IVF Centre awaits 1,000th test-tube baby

Lanka Hospitals Colombo will celebrate the birth of its 1,000th IVF (In Vitro Fertilization - commonly known as test-tube) baby delivery, one of the most noteworthy accomplishments (since the clinic’s inception in 2008) in the Sri Lankan healthcare industry, in the near future.

Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist of Lanka Hospitals, Dr. Nishendra Karunaratne said, “The expectant couples do not have to transit in rented houses in Colombo to visit the hospital throughout the cycle, which is the common practice here. As in any other developed part of the world we at Lanka Hospitals instruct the couples to self-administer the hormone injections or to consult the doctor of their convenience.” “The female partner only has to make about five visits to the hospital for the whole treatment process including three visits for the scans, one for ‘egg pick-up’ and one for embryo transfer. These are the new practices globally and Lanka Hospitals has been practicing them for a significant period,” he said.

Clinical Embryologist of Lanka Hospitals, Dr. Madara Ralapanawe outlined the high clinical standards of the processes involved in an IVF conception at the clinic. Lanka Hospitals’ Fertility Centre’s success is founded on its clinical and professional excellence and its success rate is on par with similar outfits in the developed world, a hospital spokesman said.