Porsche Centre Colombo launches preschool project | Sunday Observer

Porsche Centre Colombo launches preschool project

Eurocars, the official agent of Porsche cars in Sri Lanka, has embarked on a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that is aimed at building a school for preschool children between the ages of three and five.

The premium car brand, which is best known for sports cars and luxury performance, is taking the driver’s seat to support preschool education for the first time in Sri Lanka.

The preschool will be built by Eurocars inside the premises of the Kataragama Wathuruwa Rajamaha Viharaya on half an acre of property and will include a hall, office room, kitchen, store room and play area.

“Porsche is one of the world’s most beloved sports car brands and our strong product range has enabled us to secure strong sales and in return give to those in need. It is the first time that Eurocars has taken on a CSR initiative of this nature, and we’re proud that an exclusive brand like Porsche can make a contribution to the lives of children,” said Arthur Senanayake, Chairman of Eurocars.

“Porsche has made its name for numerous ground-breaking technologies that have advanced vehicle performance within the automotive industry. Today, we continue to celebrate its heritage here in Sri Lanka by using our platform to give focus to a separate cause that promotes education and encourages support for child development,” said Ravi Opatha, General Manager of Eurocars. Eurocars is a subsidiary of the IWS Holdings Group which manages a varied portfolio of industries across Automobile, Aviation, Shipping, Communication and IT, Food Processing and Packaging, Industrial, Leisure, Warehousing and Logistics and Mass Media and Broadcasting.


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