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Restaurant review: Eat @ OZO (Kandy)

The main dining venue is aptly named EAT. The very short name somehow captures the true essence of why we dine out: simply to enjoy our food and the fellowship of our friends and family! Located on the Lobby level the main restaurant has two sections - one, a glass enclosure with AC, the other an open space with a canopy. I chose the latter and was rewarded with a continuous supply of fresh breeze from the salubrious hills. The restaurant’s interior is elegant and chic, with the walls sporting grey and black tiny marble squares. They serve a la carte menu, or one can indulge in the buffet.

A senior steward, Srilal Sandaruwan recommended that we try the buffet. I would shortly find out that Srilal has an excellent knowledge of food and beverage, supplemented by an equally inspiring knowledge on the city of Kandy. It is staff like this that truly make a meaningful dining experience. The buffet is laid out in three sections. I noticed that Executive Chef Sanjaya Marasinghe, a native of Kandy had a novel concept to promote healthy eating at the salad bar. Instead of mixing all the fresh ingredients he had wisely kept them in individual glass bowls - enabling us to choose and mix our own salads. This is real innovative food presentation. The main dishes were a thoughtful mix, catering to the resident guests. The pork done in an Asian recipe was tender to the bite. The pasta was also a good accompaniment to the latter. The fish was a nice treat, as often in the past I have not encountered fresh fish in the hills. However, the fish immersed in a tasty white sauce could have had a bolder colour to give a good visual appeal.

In keeping with the expectation of visiting tourists, Chef Sanjaya and his team had set up a separate Sri Lankan corner serving an assortment of rice and curry. The chicken curry was a succulent blend of spice and captured that aura of how we expect it to taste in Kandy! The action station also had fried fish, another bonus, in a location so far away from the sea. The dessert station had among other fare two traditional dishes. A tiramisu, displaying that textbook perfect smoothness and flavour. Tiramisu (which means ‘pick me up’- is a coffee flavoured Italian custard dessert first made in 1960, in Veneto, Italy. The other was a bread pudding served hot, which I had with a strawberry sauce (breaking away from British tradition)! Ozo - Kandy is a breath of fresh air to Kandyan hospitality that has dazzled this nation from the time of our glorious monarchs. A visit to the rooftop after dinner will let you soak in the lovely view of Kandy town. 



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