PM has set clear example to country | Sunday Observer

PM has set clear example to country

By appearing before the Presidential Commission of Inquiry into Bond Issuance, the Prime Minister has set a clear example on the difference between Yahapalanaya and the previous regime’s Yamapalanaya, said Finance and Mass Media Minister, Mangala Samaraweera. “Last Monday we saw a milestone in the country’s political history where the Prime Minister of the country appeared before an ongoing commission and was questioned by the Attorney General, which clearly demonstrates the difference between the previous and the existing regimes,” he said.

The Minister made these comments at a Sathyagraha at the precincts of the Matara Bodiya on the theme ‘Heta delakshayak Seeruwen’, recently.

Drawing parallels, the minister said that during the previous regime, the then Attorney General Mohan Peiris was delegated to do odd jobs at the Meda Mulana Walawwa. People still remember how the then Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranaike was treated when she declined to deliver judgements the way the previous government wanted to.