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Focal point of masses Gota, oh Gota!

So Gota was the focal point of all the masses apart from the little cyclone that hit our way last week wasn’t it? For all the hue and cry about not being afraid, Gota seems to be the one man who is afraid of anything without luxury,​ isn’​t it?.

Going to this court and to that court, crying with this person and with the other to stop him from being arrested. Aneyda kiyanney. Anyway, guess what the Writ Petition was about?

It was to say that the making of a museum for mama and dada were not from public funds. Good argument, isn’t it? but haiyo no one looks beyond, no. Gota had said that the entire transaction was a contract and his mama’s and dada’s foundation agreed to pay the money taken. 88 million is the amount by the way, ah.

But guess when the contract was entered into? August 2015. The day and month must be familiar to our ​L​ankans, no. After the government changed and the parliamentary elections lost, our man Gota decides to say “ machang the money I took was a commercial agreement ah. I didn’t tell you to put the money in if not I’ll white van you ok?”. And that​‘​s the story the judges bought and that is how justice is done in good ole paradise isle.

​Boy- what a fix

The ​Banana ​boy shot his mouth off after being guilty as sin remember. “ No machang, I took the calls only to get information for my book” he told everyone. Then it came to light that that was all nonsense no​​. The book was written in July 2015 and the calls were taken a year after. Don​‘​t know if he was writing another book even, no? Like for instance titled, “ how to make money with rich friends”, “ How to ​nego with the corrupt and still be anti- corrupt”. Siripala can think of a million other titles for this other book also ah.

Can never say with Banana boy though, he can use these titles at his next press con to say “ machang these were the books I told you about ah”. Why men, that​‘s what he did in the first press con, no​h​.

Maithree Guney was saying on live TV that the only excuse Banana boy has is that he wanted information for his book. Pat came the Press con​ ​and Banana boy took the excuse without thinking twice, before he suddenly realized his Bananas were in a twist.

So, next time paradisians want to give Banana boy an excuse for the calls, all they have to do is send him an email- he won’t say “ I don’t know” but instead he will say “ I know and this is why......”. haiyo haiyo.

The Met Department stone

Do paradians know how the Met Department in Paradise isle works?. I don’t think you do. After years of research Siripala figured out how it works.

So this is how it’s done. There is a stone at the Met Department, hung on a thread. Right outside ah. Opposite the Bishops House the stone is kept.

So if the stone is dry- Met Department says no rain today. If the stone is wet- Met Ddepartment says “boys, rain today ah”. If the stone moves up and down the Met Department says windy day today. If its wet and moves up and down , the Met Department says its wind and rain today.

If the stone is gone, the Met Department decides its a cyclone or storm.

And that is how my friends our Met Department works.

Wimaley’s aney Wimaley

So Wimaley’s erstwhile chum Piyasiri said, nothing doing with this whiskey drinking mad man remember?. Last week he went a step further and called Wimaley a “terrorist”. I kid you not. You may be thinking that Siripala is putting nice jokes to you and all. But, no he actually said it on live TV. Meka thrasthawadi sanwidanayak and slammed the party for sending him a letter saying he is no longer the organiser that is chief.

Now, for all the Deshapremithwaya and all of Wimaley this must come as some shock. I say, this was his be all and end all at one time ah. “ yes Wimaley you are gold” was what he was preaching.

Siripala thinks all was good until Wimaley didn’t include Piya in one of his 35 thousand bucks whiskey bottle parties.

Appachchi Malada?

Wijay- moon remember the man right? how can you forget men. So remember he said “ Appachchi mala, now we have to move on?” as soon as Mara lost the plot. Ah yes.

Now the same man wants to write a book and guess what it is going to be titled? Appachchige malagama. Good title no for the man.

It​‘​s a never ending funeral also no. So there will be a lot to write about also.

Anyway, the book was planned the day after the opposition that smokes joints and the ruling Hands talks failed.

They tried to marry the hora miniha or allapu gedara miniha but how can they men when Mara and his gang are known to all the neighbours as the horakang karana miniha.