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Lamborghini Super Trofeo, World Final : Legendry Dilantha drives to glory in the final stage

The Lamborghini Super Trofeo World Final was held from the 16th to 19th of November on Imola Circuit, Italy. A four day racing activity with the last two days set for the world finals with all the racing teams from the US, Europe and Asia racing in one packed arena.

The first race of the World finals took place on the 18th of November in which Dilantha Malagamuwa participated in the AM class category. With a massive crowd attending the event, in the grand stand more than 500 Sri Lankan supporters chanted “Sri Lanka.... Sri Lanka..” as the Blue Lankan car entered the grid on the racing track.

In the first race Dilantha takes off and swoops through the other Lamborghinis within the first lap to be on the 16th position. Gradually surpassing all the cars in the middle order, Dilantha reaches the 8th place before entering the mandatory pit stop at the pit window. Having an additional 3 seconds added to his pit timing since he’s driving the car by himself throughout the race.

Dilantha overtakes a few cars after the pit stop and reaches 4th. Dilantha faced a crash while taking a turn trying to overtake the 3rd car which destroys his front bumper. Dilantha is knocked out of the race at the next turn by the car infront, when blocked him at the turn. With only 5 mins left on the race Dilantha was out of the race.

Although Race 1 concludes with a disappointing knock out for Dilantha, since he was able to completed 75% of the race, he was classified as 11th taking his timing into consideration.

Dilantha was off to a good start in the second race, but had to faces a brutal blockade on the second corner caused by race leaders Hardwick (US) and Yuki Harata (US), several cars were blocked by this nasty spin including Dilantha and Asian Champion Haryanto. He managed to get off the held up and joined the race fleet but being was placed at 16th slot.

After the Mandatory pit stop Dilantha takes the lead on the next turn and surpassed 4 cars gradually to get behind WLAZIK the European runner up and the winner of the first world final race this year. With only 7 minutes left on the clock Dilantha made a surprise move on the fourth corner which was also recorded as the best turn of the final. With this move he was at the third position.

Dilantha only with 0.4 seconds away from the LAURENT and made another masterly move got to 2nd place surpassing the AM world champion of 2013, LAURENT and as soon as he enters the racing stretch on hunt down Montovania the leader a crash was reported.

Race Controllers with five minutes left for the finish had to use the Red Flag close the race at that moment Dilantha declared as overall 3rd taking into account the completed lap positions

Jubilant Lankan racing fans waving the Sri Lankan flag in the air crowded near the podium to witness the car enter the pit lane. Emotional Dilantha Malagamuwa, hugged everyone present with joyful tears in his eyes, what a memorable day for Sri Lanka and this legendary Racer.

Dilantha interviewed by Dakota TV correspondent for Motorsports Dilantha said “Iam the happiest Sportsman in the world with all these people behind me (Sri Lankan Fans)” with tears in his eyes.... There’s Baila, Drums and Papare echoing, all over Imola Circuit, the celebrations stars. Dilantha finished 3rd in the 2nd race of the World Finals and 5th overall in World Standings.

With the end of Lamborghini World Final 2017, the curtain fell on an extraordinary season, marked by the participation of over 160 drivers in the three-continental series (Europe, Asia and North America) as well as in the Middle East championship launched last February. The next edition will take place in 2018.

Blancpain GT Sports Club Championship

Dilantha Malagamuwa races to victory in Spain at the world-famous Circuit de Catalunya racing circuit, Barcelona. The Blancpain GT Club Sports series started in April and continued till October with 6 races to be completed by the drivers.

The Sri Lankan blue lion Dilantha Malagamuwa joins the series in July at the SPA Fancochamps Circuit in Belgium and shoots for the podium in both the races that weekend. Leading the points table in his category he also wins the Series Finale race in Barcelona winning 1st place in both the races in his Category and swooped the Series Championship in his class for the year 2017.

Dilantha’s hope is to continue the momentum and participate in the next years GT series hopefully with a bigger beast; The Lamborghini Huracan GT3 - which is faster than the current Lamborghini Super Trofeo LP620-2 car.