Are you a diva or the shy type? | Sunday Observer

Are you a diva or the shy type?

1. What’s yourfashion sense like?

Dresses, heals, bowsT-shirt, baggy pants sneakerGlitter, tight dresses, short stuff, heals or sneakers and heels Diamonds and jewels all overAll of the above

2. What’s your favourite thing to do?

ReadFind an adventureCause trouble? Design Play

3. How’s your social life?

I keep a few close friends I am soooo popularI keep to myselfAm not popular but well known

4. Who’s your idol?

Selena GomezQueen Latifah Ariane Grande Nicki Manaj Zendaya

5. What would you rather be? (in terms of education)

Public school Private school Homeschooled School online None

6. This does not affect your answer, but this is an apology for making this so short.

We forgive you I seriously don’t care I want to know my results