The unseen faces of the tweets finally see their online buds..... | Sunday Observer

The unseen faces of the tweets finally see their online buds.....

And so the #TweetupSL 7 happened!

On December 16, 2017, the Sri Lankan twitter community gathered at the Trace Expert City for their annual meet-up. As promised, the organising committee of the #TweetupSL 7 did make the event a bigger and a better event. Having spoken to a few tweeps at the event we realised that the participants had a great time and got to know their online friends much better, offline. It was a different world altogether. Talking to each other from their twitter handles and then remembering the good times, arguments they had on Twitter. Also making new friends and taking selfies. A lot of tweeps agreed that TweetupSL 7 is among the most successful TweetupSL events held so far.

First of all I would like to thank the organising committee for all the hard work they have put to organize such an amazing event. On twitter we have spoken to our twitter friends but not met them or interacted with them in real life. TweetupSL brings all of us to one place and gives us the chance to get to know each other more. It feels great to have won the Miss Tweep award at the TweetupSL 7. I knew I was nominated for the award but did not think I will win the title. Thank you all for nominating me.

Mr. Tweep: @Nilushana

“I was not expecting this as I was the only married guy out there, especially at my first TweetupSL and @KawdaBoy and @Kalumalli as my competitors.

“My wife, being a sponsor to the event knew that I would be the winner. But she made sure that it was kept a secret till the end. However, I sincerely believe that there should not be married people in Mr. & Ms. Tweep awards but having said that, as a suggestion, we can always have a separate award for the married category during tweetupSL8.”

“Further, I would like to thank all those awesome tweeps who have voted for all the nominees. Also special thanks to the organizers, sponsors and participants for their contribution to make TweetupSL7 a huge success. As I mentioned earlier, it was my very first TweetupSL and I’m so glad that I managed to see the faces behind all those awesome tweets. At the same time felt bit sad that I couldn’t make it for previous events.”

Most Controversial Tweep: @malpapadam

“I have No filters-Need to work on that.”

Most Controversial Tweep: 1st runner up:


“First of all, I’m deeply humbled and honoured to have been nominated for this award for the 3rd consecutive year and won to have it for the 2nd time. The word ‘Controversial’ itself implies that you cannot please everyone with your views, but I’m so lucky to earn so much of love and affection from Tweeps for over 6 years now. Ever since I joined twitter I shared my honest opinions, some may like them and some may not. That’s the reality. We’ve serious conversations going on Twitter, but the friendships you develop of Twitter are quite different so that even the guy you bulldozed in an argument of the other day comes and shares lovely little chitchats at the TweetupSL with a beaming smile and leaves you giving a brotherly hug. That’s the beauty of Sri Lankan Twittersphere.”

Tech Tweep : @Nimezzz

“I love modern technology. Because of that, I got involved in a lot of projects even before I left school. I was a member of the Facebook/Whatsapp translation team, and also in projects like creating a sinhala keyboard for iOS for the first time in Sri Lanka. On twitter I got a lot of questions regarding their smart phones, building an app and so many others. I try my best to answer them with my knowledge on the issues they face. I think that was the reason for the tweeps to nominate me for the title, tech Tweep. I never expected to be either nominee or winner. So it is a huge thing for me. Thank you everyone who made this happen.”

Message from the Organising Committee

“We are extremely happy that we were able to continue the tradition of the Textroverts’ event (expressive and funny in texts but shy in person) by organising the TweetupSL7. Our intention was to bring the tweeps closer. It was a challenge for us to keep tweeps of all ages together without letting them feel alienated at any point. However we received so much support from a lot of tweeps when organising and also during the event. This time we thought making the logo more localised than it was before so we included the lion symbol, for that we had to read the constitution to know of the restrictions when using it in a logo. We think it was a good decision and we hope to do more changes in the future and make this event a bigger success for fellow tweeps.”