Nawaloka Hospitals makes substantial investments in radiology | Sunday Observer

Nawaloka Hospitals makes substantial investments in radiology

Nawaloka Hospitals has introduced two screening packages for breast and prostate cancer and offers discounts on these packages upto the end of this month to mark World Cancer Day which fell on February 4.

Nawaloka Hospitals has made a substantial investment in improving and buying latest technology over the last decade especially in radiology. Radiological imaging identifies the problem accurately and aids in determining the best and most effective approach to treating patients.

“Usually females over the age of 35 years and those with a history of breast cancer in the family should be especially cautious about breast cancer and are encouraged to conduct frequent self-examination,” said Consultant Radiologist Dr. A. N. I Wijesinha. She said that if any abnormalities in the breasts such as lumps, dimpling, retraction of nipple, redness, nipple discharge, soreness or swelling are detected, patients should seek medical consultation without delay. Women with a history of breast cancer in the family and over 40 are advised to be alert and pay close attention to such changes that take place intheir breasts.

Consultant Urological Surgeon Dr. Ajith Malalasekera said that the number of deaths due to prostate cancer remains high because most cases go undetected due to lack of awareness among the public on detection, surgery and other treatment options. “Men above the age of 60 years are prone to prostate cancer. Some symptoms of the condition include difficulty in urinating, frequent urges to urinate at night and blood in urine. Such signs should not be ignored at any cost.

“In developed countries, early detection and effective care have reduced the number of deaths while in countries like Sri Lanka lack of awareness and proper diagnostic facilities are leading causes for most cases of prostate cancer going undetected until the late stages,” he said.

The Nawaloka Hospitals Breast Care Centre carries out mammograms and other screening procedures in keeping with international protocols regarding minimal radiation of 4 to 5mGy.

In the event that any abnormalities are detected, the centre conducts more complex testing and procedures such as fine needle aspiration for cytology, needle core biopsy for histology, vacuum assisted mammotomy/ BIOPSY-VAM, Open Surgical biopsy and Breast MRI.

The Centre offers an exclusive care package to patients - from screening to diagnosis and throughout the complete treatment process.