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Sense prevails

The cynic would say: what a storm in a teacup; the realist would say, what a fuss about an election that bothered not many before; and the disappointed trouble maker, lowering the sarong he had tucked up and seeing madness and mayhem an unrealized dream, curse that turmoil was averted.

Yes, this cat refers to the aftermath of the LG polls that caused so much TV pundit talk and predictions and counter predictions and expected trouble. One TV channel reporting this had behind the announcer a huge big board written across it in bold red type ‘Political Crisis’ or some such dire warning. They were fanning the flames of dissent with their graphs and graphics and two pontificating announcers pronouncing a wishful thought of theirs – the hounding of the Prime Minister.

Thank goodness and the President, and the much maligned Prime Minister, for sensible thinking and a decision made averting much trouble and actually being the right decision: the yahapalanaya government to continue. So it’s a shut up to GL’s law points, the Rajapaksa son’s echo of these spurious arguments, Wimal Wee’s shouting and Anura D’s measured tones that the present government has no legality to go on. Stuff and nonsense, counters this cat. Of course, it has a right to run its course, since the combined blue and green votes add up to 55.31 percent of all LG votes, while the pohottuwa polled 44.69 percent. And why should LG polls affect the government so it has to resign? Thus, it’s best everyone shuts up and the present government giving up its childish infighting gets down to work to better things for the farmer, the labourer, the blue and white collar worker, and the housewife.

Cheers for a super speech !

Cheers!Hurrah! Bravo! Well said and all that! Kudos are for Opposition Leader R Sampanthan for his speech in Parliament on February 19. This cat listened to it on TV news and read the entire script in a daily newspaper and marvelled with admiration that he called a spade a spade and made his Party’s position clear vis-à-vis reconciliation. This feline quotes him; the spade he called a spade, meaning labelled correctly is Mahinda Rajapaksa: “ I would like to put this on record because I want everybody in this country to know that it is malicious, vicious, fallacious, false propaganda on the part of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna and if you proceed with this agenda, I want to tell you, Eelam will bloom not on account of us, but on account of your ‘Lotus Bud’. Your ‘Lotus Bud’ will bloom into an Eelam…” (Note the alliterative, strong sounding ‘vicious, fallacious, false’!!)

This cat avows he made his Party’s position clear. Yes, implied in this quoted statement and also stated unequivocally later: “There was no campaign carried out anywhere in the North and East which talked of a division of the country. We only talked of a solution that is acceptable to our people, that is reasonable, with substantial power sharing within the framework of a united, undivided, indivisible single country. That was the propaganda we carried out in all our areas.” Now that is fair and square or so this liberal minded cat feels. Then Mr Sampanthan threw the gauntlet down on the floor of the august House: “How dared President Rajapaksa say that Eelam could bloom after the elections! This is not merely deception of the people in the South but it is the deception of everyone including himself.”

This cat believes she has to consider some politicians are sincere sometimes. Isn’t this one of those rare occasions?

TV Channel switches off

Thank goodness again and thanks to sense prevailing, the TV channel this cat criticized for leading a man hunt on no less a person than the PM, has given that up. No sooner was it apparent that yahapalanaya would continue, the TV channel changed its pontificating; it crossed over to a project of its own – Gamudawa. Yes, the project is fine and this cat was one ardent fan when the project first came into being. She purred and had herself published in print on its virtues. But now she backs down since again, the record is being played too much and far too long. The 9 O’clock news is of half hours duration. For weeks up until the LG polls were held, the UNP and its leader were castigated, taking up half the time. Then a frenzy of a manhunt ensued after the ignominious defeat of yahapalanaya. With Sirisena and Wickremesinghe back in their saddles, the TV channel has started monkey business: praising its own tail. Fine and dandy! But, do it as a special program not hogging half the half hour given to news, both local and international. There is always plenty of both varieties to fill an entire hour, not merely half. So, let the 9 O’clock news be news alone; follow it up with a monkey-praising-his-own-tail program on the Gamudawa. Habits die hard, so this feline’s paw goes direct on the remote control’s button to get to this channel as 9 O’clock strikes. She is akin to Pavlov’s salivating mice!!

Meaningless training

Tragedy has struck and so unfortunately. A school principal has died during a training practice. This move of ‘militarizing’ heads of schools was strongly criticized by this cat. It was introduced when Gotabhaya Rajapaksa held power, so no loud talk. This feline actually felt humiliated when she saw her school Principal, usually very dignified and beautiful in Kandyan sari, in a uniform with a cap on her konde-ed head! She felt ashamed. Why ever a military training, or even rigorous physical training, when what’s needed is further education in child psychology, conflict resolution, tact and understanding for heads of schools? It is hoped this latest, very unfortunate accident will put an end to this sort of physical training for principals of schools.



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