Platinum1 presents deeds to investment unit owners | Sunday Observer

Platinum1 presents deeds to investment unit owners

Platinum1 has begun to present deeds to owners of apartments and as well as completed the payment of ownership rental for eight months.

Not only has the company sold the luxury condominiums, it has completed construction and finishing of all units and is fully operational.

The launch of the Platinum1 Investment Proposal 2015, which brought with it unparalleled homeowner benefits and a financial security and investment appreciation guarantee, was a first of its kind innovation made available to discerning potential owners of the properties high-end units.

Managing Director/CEO Kishore Reddy said, “The Platinum1 culture is that of innovation and leading-edge thinking. We have already presented a host of forward thinking, technologically advanced features and solutions both in terms of our construction and design as well as how we approach the management of Platinum1.

“Upon the completion of finishes to our luxury units, we have already begun handing out ownership deeds to our investors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our investors and assure them of our continued dedication to ensuring their units are maintained to the highest standards.

“In its essence the proposal makes it possible for the investor to own a unit by paying less than 100% of the total cost, while having it maintained to a 5-star benchmark for a decade. We offer our investors the additional security of having a Provisional Condominium Plan. This acts as a further assurance for investors that construction will proceed upon the stipulated standards and scheduled to be completed by the end of 2015,” he said.