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Call to defeat separatist ideology

President at War Heroes’ commemoration:
Tribute to Fallen Heroes: Overcome with emotion and memories, a mother of a fallen hero looks up her son’s name among the names  inscribed at the Memorial.  (Pic: Chinthaka  Kumarasinghe)
Tribute to Fallen Heroes: Overcome with emotion and memories, a mother of a fallen hero looks up her son’s name among the names inscribed at the Memorial. (Pic: Chinthaka Kumarasinghe)

Ramping up the nationalist rhetoric as the Government commemorated the ninth anniversary of the end of the war and paid tribute to fallen soldiers, President Maithripala Sirisena yesterday called on all Sri Lankans irrespective of political, communal, religious and other differences to rally round to firmly defeat brutal LTTE ideology to ensure a brighter future for the country.

Addressing the War Heroes commemoration at the War Heroes’ memorial, Battaramulla, the President stated the Government will not provide any room to realize the separatist dreams of LTTE elements.

“The Government has largely defeated the LTTE’s brutal ideology over the past three and half years by strengthening international relations and foreign policy. We built up friendship and goodwill with all world leaders and won the confidence of the UNHRC and other international organisations. I personally try my level best to defeat this LTTE ideology. During this post war scenario too, we should commit ourselves to defeat the LTTE ideology,” he said.

During the last three and half years, the Government is engaged in a drive to defeat the separatist ideology of the LTTE. Although the LTTE was defeated physically and militarily, various pro-LTTE elements in foreign countries are challenging and criticising the Government.

He said all Governments which ruled the country over the past 30 years made sincere efforts to defeat LTTE terrorism.

The former Government militarily defeated the LTTE in May  2009.

However, pro-LTTE elements and LTTE networks operating outside the country still come up with various slogans with the intention of dividing our motherland and realizing their dream of Eelam.

“Although certain sections of the media and some extremist organisations misinterpreted the resolutions levelled against our Security Forces at the UNHRC, I categorically state that no war crimes charges are mentioned even the UNHRC Commissioners proposals.

Some mention that the war crime charges are in the UNHRC Commissioner’s report, but there are absolutely no such charges. It is only the overseas sympathizers of the LTTE who talk about war crimes.

We should fulfill our duties on behalf of war heroes by giving them the utmost recognition. We should extend the gratitude of the entire Sri Lankan nation to war heroes who sacrificed their lives in the defence of their Motherland.”

“I regret that some people have not been able to clearly identify the war hero and the terrorist. It seems even some Government and Opposition politicians lack this understanding.

“Some NGO persons who entirely depend on foreign funds and attempt to destabilize the country have also failed to identify the difference between the war hero and the terrorist. I request all these sections to look at this problem from a Sri Lankan perspective, thinking of their country, people and war heroes.”

Just like some political nitwits who cannot understand the difference between the war hero and the terrorist, it is regrettable to note the State media too has forgotten to appreciate the sacrifice and services rendered by war heroes.

“I categorically tell State media institutions to give due recognition to the war heroes and always remind the people of the supreme sacrifice made by them on behalf of their Motherland. I also regret to note the private media institutions don’t talk about the services rendered by the incumbent Government for the welfare of the war heroes.”

“A war hero should never become a political cat’s-paw. They should never help politicians to come to power or topple the Governments in power.

They should not extend their support to form or organize political parties. A war hero should never succumb to pressure of any political party.”

He said some have said that this Government has forgotten the war heroes. “I should clearly state that before the present Government came to power, there was only a war hero’s week.

However, the incumbent Government declared the month of May as a war hero’s month.” Meanwhile, steps were taken to offer highest Presidential Awards to the war heroes of three Forces who had shown their capabilities and sacrifices in the battle front during the period of war at a ceremony held at the Presidential Secretariat yesterday.