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Taprobane Holdings transforms into Ambeon Capital

Sanjeev Gardiner and Murali Prakash
Sanjeev Gardiner and Murali Prakash

Taprobane Holdings PLC will be repositioned as Ambeon Capital PLC while Lanka Century Investments PLC will be Ambeon Holdings PLC with immediate effect, the company announced last week.

The change comes as part of a strategic decision to represent the Group’s business vision and take on the dynamic, technocentric business world of tomorrow, according to company officials.

The transformation of the Ambeon Group, which includes restructuring of its diversified businesses to bring about collective focus, optimize investments and increase shareholder value, is now said to be well poised to take the leap and transform latent opportunities into lucrative ventures, the company said.

With over 3,500 employees, the Ambeon Group is in the areas of financial services, manufacturing, real estate, technology and strategic investments. Post-restructuring of the Group, Ambeon Capital PLC will be the holding company while all businesses have been repositioned and realigned legally under Ambeon Holdings PLC.

“The launch of Ambeon and the transformation of the Group is another milestone in our journey to build on our foundation of re-engineering success,” said Sanjeev Gardiner, Chairman, Ambeon Capital PLC.

“As a dynamic and diversified Group of Companies, Ambeon will continue to seek for lucrative business opportunities and transform entities to be the best within their respective industries in Sri Lanka and the world,” Gardiner said.

Murali Prakash – Group Managing Director/ Chief Executive Officer - Ambeon Capital PLC and Ambeon Holdings PLC said, “The Group has been restructured and realigned to be astute, driven, nimble and visionary – one with an expanded range of products, strong globalized local brands, premier technology and innovation platforms.” The Ambeon Group is powered and guided by the Galle Face Hotel Group, the Hirdaramani Group and Navitas Holdings.