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Alumex to expand export segment


Alumex PLC, a subsidiary of Hayleys PLC will expand its export segment by around 10 percent making good use of the growing demand for aluminium extruders world over said Alumex PLC’s Managing Director Pramuk Dediwala. He was speaking to the media on a recent tour to the factory at Ja-ela to unveil the country’s first fully automated front-loading aluminium extrusion plant and South Asia’s first vertical powder coating facility.

The Rs. 2 billion facility is expected to boost the current manufacturing capacity from around 1,200 MT to over 2,000 MT per month and 24,000 MT per annum.

“Alumex will exploit local and global demand for extruders especially among countries in the SAARC region. We are present in many regional countries with our showrooms and sales centres. We want to cater to the booming construction sector world over,” Dediwala said.

The company’s current exports account for around 2 percent and it is confident exports could be increased to around 10 percent in the next couple of years due to the demand for aluminium profiles for mega construction projects both within and outside the country,” Dediwala said.

“Our out-put capacity is three times higher than the demand for aluminium extrusions in the country. It will take around five years for the country to reach current capacity level,” Dediwala said. The aluminium manufacturing sector which comprises four players has grown steadily in the recent years owing to the boom in the construction sector in the country.

“Mega construction projects such as the port city and high rise apartments across the country augurs well for the aluminium sector which has recorded a remarkable growth since the end of the conflict,” an official of the company said.

However, the growth of aluminium profiles in the housing sector is less than one percent due to the preference for wood over steel and aluminium.

“Our aim is to develop the housing market by creating awareness on the benefits of aluminium over wood which has a high maintenance cost,” Dediwala said.

Alumex which launched commercial operations in 1988 has expanded its global export foot print from regional countries such as India, Maldives, and Seychelles to the Middle East and Europe.

Alumex PLC and Hayleys PLC Chairman Mohan Pandithage said the launch of the facility is a milestone operation that will enhance the capacity and quality of Alumex products giving the company the platform to be the global proprietary aluminium system manufacturing powerhouse in South Asia. He added that the two facilities will enable the company to manufacture world class products and curtail imports of aluminium systems and profiles which will save valuable foreign exchange to the country.

Dediwala said the plant will house the largest aluminium extruder in Sri Lanka and added that the Italian made presezzi 23 meganewton will consume far less energy compared to the other extruders in the country.

The company will initially employ around 185 workers at the new plant and then increase the number of workers with the expansion in operations. Alumex targets 1,000 MT in aluminium extrusions and powder coating per month.

The highlight of the system is the reduction in waste water and purification to ensure that discharge has zero impact on environment.

‘With eco-friendly non chrome chemicals in the mix proprietary systems will ensure Alumex products are tested for water penetration, air infiltration, wind pressure and sound to facilitate the firm’s 30 year promise,” Dediwala said.

Alumex manufactures aluminium extrusions for an extensive range of applications such as fabrication of doors, windows, shop fronts, curtain walls and commercial applications.