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Promising bodybuilder of a rare breed

Indula Methmal Subasinghe
Indula Methmal Subasinghe

Fitness is a quintessential requirement in sports. Although fitness is an area talked widely in sports, fitness is necessary for everyone to stay healthy.

Indula Methmal Subasinghe is an emerging bodybuilder who is presently reading for his MBBS at the University of Peradeniya. He is also a freelance fitness and nutrition consultant as well as a writer.

Subasinghe has drawn his inspiration from the popular body builder Kai Greene, whom he says is his matinee. After seeing Kai Green performing on the stage, the skinny schoolboy has determined to become a bodybuilder one day.

“When I was schooling, I was very skinny. Many who see me after my school days cannot make me out. I have undergone a huge transformation after I started bodybuilding”, he said.

He states that bodybuilding has many health as well as fitness benefits apart from its sports aspect. “ Bodybuilding keeps me fit and healthy”, he assures.

After he completed schooling, he enrolled at a gymnasium and started working out to get rid of his skinny stature. At the same time, he has also studied fitness and nutrition. “Along with my body, my knowledge also began to grow”, he smiled.

After many sessions of workouts, he noticed that his body and the muscles began to grow. “At first, I simply wanted to sculpt a muscled physique. But after I started working out, I found that if I work hard, I can achieve more with my body. So, I was persistent in my regular workouts”, he says.

When inquired how he balances his studies as a medical undergraduate, writer and consultant on fitness and nutrition and as bodybuilder who is doing regular fitness and body building training, he said that if there is a determination, anyone can achieve what he longs for.

“I write to newspapers on fitness and nutrition and educate the public on the importance of living a fit and healthy life. At the same time, I work as a freelance fitness and nutrition consultant. That way I can practically help and train people to maintain their fitness. I am a full time student at the Faculty of Medicine at University of Peradeniya.

“So, it is not easy to manage all these aspects of my life. But I think it is essential to allocate time for what you like in life. I believe that if there is a will there is a way”, he noted.

Subasinghe, who is also a freelance consultant stressed on the importance of a balanced diet for a sportsperson. He said the average Sri Lankan diet lacks protein and sports persons need to include a large portion of protein in their meals to repair the muscles apart from carbs as a source of energy.

In another few years time this emerging bodybuilder is going to be a doctor. His ambition is to specialize in the fields of sports, fitness and nutrition as a doctor.

“Doctor is the one who advises and makes people healthy. The person who gives advice on fitness, exercise or nutrition should have a sound knowledge on human anatomy and functions. I think my profession as a doctor will definitely compliment me as a sportsperson”, he smiled.

Apart from what he studies at the University, he said that he often keeps himself updated with the emerging trends of fitness and do a lot of research and reading into the relevant areas to provide a better service for his clients.

When asked, if he has any plans to take part in international bodybuilding tournaments, he smiled and said: “I need to go a long way for that. It needs a lot of hard work, commitment and dedication. And I think I have all these qualities. I am motivated and inspired. Yes, one day I may make my country proud”, he wrapped up the conversation with a note of hopefulness in his eyes.