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oDoc introduces medical consultation platform

oDoc is an online medical consultation platform. Over 270 experienced GPs and specialists, who are registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council, are available for video consultation via the app, which enables patients to access the expertise of qualified medical professionals from anywhere. The only prerequisite? A smart phone and an internet connection.

“Your oDoc subscription is like a free ticket for unlimited consultations with doctors”, says Dr. Janaka Wickramasinghe, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of oDoc. “The financials are very simple - just Rs. 499 per month, and no hidden charges. That subscription provides you and your immediate family members with unlimited access to doctors because there is no payment to be made per consultation. The doctors are the same ones that you would consult at major hospitals and clinics with a minimum five years of experience - except with oDoc there is no channelling fee or travel and waiting time involved.”

The app was launched in 2017 and quickly grew its user base, largely due to word of mouth referrals. It offers a simple and disruptive solution to costly medical care - a platform that allows users to connect with registered doctors via the app for instant video consultations. Users only have to open and key in their requirement on the app to consult a Sri Lanka Medical Council registered doctor via video conference, receive instant prescriptions if medically required, and even get medicine delivered straight to their door for no additional charge. The American Medical Association has found that nearly 75% of regular doctor visits can be handled effectively through video or audio consultations. This form of healthcare delivery has gained global acceptance and is in wide use in countries including the US, the UK, Australia, Singapore and Japan.

The app is trilingual. Doctors on oDoc are equipped with a dedicated application to manage oDoc consultations and issue prescriptions.