Railway trade unions demand action against unruly passengers | Sunday Observer

Railway trade unions demand action against unruly passengers

Railway trade unions are demanding that action also be taken against passengers who had an altercation with the railway engine driver who had verbally assaulted them for trying to board the train’s guard room due to overcrowding.

The incident took place at the Dematagoda station recently following which disciplinary action was taken against the driver for his conduct.

The Unions yesterday threatened to strike if action is not taken against the commuters.

A spokesman for the Locomotive Engine Operators’ Union said the union will embark on a trade union action.

“According to the Railway Ordinance, no one can enter the engine room of a train without the permission of the General Manager of the Railways” Trade Union Leader Indika Dodangoda said adding that according to the law, it is the passengers that were in the wrong.

“Therefore, we warned the General Manager that legal action should be taken against those passengers, otherwise we would launch a trade union action,” Dodangoda said.