Christmas time, mistletoe and wine.... | Sunday Observer
By Timothy A. Edward

Christmas time, mistletoe and wine....

We are in the season where the whole world will shop to get the choicest gifts for their loved ones, friends and families. They will visit the giant shopping malls and keep searching on the worldwide web for those special kinds of gifts that are worth giving only during this special holiday season!

Many will show amazing endurance in their search to buy the best gifts. They will spend hours shopping, trying to get that one perfect gift. They will also invest their time buying gifts for the less fortunate, orphaned children and children coming from single parent homes. They will visit prisons and hospitals and share the Christmas joy, presence and presents with inmates and those who are terminally sick and who are in great pain.

May be this season goes through all these dramatic shopping sprees throughout the globe, because it denotes the greatest gift that was once given a long time ago in Bethlehem, as the Holy Bible says.

The greatest gift

It was Mary’s Boy Child Jesus Christ, who was given as the perfect gift to everyone. Christians believe, that because of this heavenly gift, the door-way was opened for all mankind to live forever more.

The Creator God is no respecter of persons. If we will reach out to Him, He will reach out to us. In fact, all along He has been reaching out to us. He speaks to us through His gentle, still, small voice. We hear Him speak in the wind, in the woods, in the smile of a child or in the smell of flowers. As we surf the mighty waves, we experience the sheer force of His winds. As we slide down the majestic mountains, we experience His awesome handywork. As we enjoy the beaches holding the hands of our dear and near ones, He walks along with us. As we walk through the incredible forests and take lonely nature walks, He walks and talks with us. As we spend time watching the sunrise or sunset, He stuns us with His presence, peace and joy, which is unexplainable, yet true.

A season of closeness

During this season, God is close to those who seeks Him. He wants to fill our lives with His special gifts - His presence, joy, peace, wisdom, understanding, healing and miracles. We all need these gifts in our lives, at some time or the other. All what it takes is to ask for these gifts from the greatest giver in faith, and He will freely give His choices gifts this season and throughout the coming years.

The more you ask, the more you will get. Because, God wants you to know that you are so special to Him.

That is the very reason He gave His son Jesus Christ, so that all of us will be able to live our lives to the fullest intended capacity on planet earth and fulfill the purposes for which He created us.

None of us are a mistake or an accident. We were born with His purposes sealed deep within our spirits. Until, we unlock those hidden purposes, there always will remain a deep seated inexpressible vacuum inside of us that neither money, information, technology nor pleasure can buy!

The key to this season

The key to this season is Jesus Christ. His love for us remains available consistently and continuously. As we seek this greatest Gift which will never go obsolete, fade or diminish, He will help us unlock the beauty and majesty of this season. Our lives will become alive, heaven and angels would become a reality, like it became a reality for those shepherds who kept watch on that cold night when Christ was born. Heavenly visitation would become a common thing in our lives, like what Mary and Joseph of old experienced.

Let us get ready and make preparations for the God of this universe to visit us in a special way this season. He will come with the answers that we have been asking and seeking for ages. He will open the treasures of heaven and show us things that are important and pressing in our lives, families, communities and country.

He will give us gifts of forgiveness and He will redeem us from the negative consequence of life including guilt, shame, reproach, anger, mistakes, wrong doing, envy, jealousy, pride, arrogance and the know it all syndrome and many more.

Remember! He has written down your name in the palm of His hands. During this season, He is close to those who are sick, lonely or hurting. He considers you as the apple of His eyes. He calls you His beloved this Christmas season!