Consumer Affairs Authority set for festive season | Sunday Observer

Consumer Affairs Authority set for festive season

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA), the Accident Service, and the Ministry of Health have teamed up to minimise food related issues and accidents caused by low quality fireworks during the festive season.

CAA sources and representatives of the Public Health Union told the Sunday Observer on the grounds of anonymity, that Public Health Inspectors have been asked to inspect supermarkets and all sales outlets throughout the island where cooked food is on sale, ahead of the festive season.

“At present, we are focusing on butter cake, biscuits and traditional New Year food such as kavum, kokis and athiraha which are also served during the season,” a CAA source said.

He said, all vendors had been warned that every packeted item should carry a label in all three languages prominently, giving the name of the manufacturer, date of manufacture, place of manufacture and date of expiry.

CAA sources said they were taking note of electrical items popularly used during the season and warned the public to ensure that the items have a guarantee period.

“The public must demand a receipt so that they can return the item if it does not meet the required standard,” he said.

CAA sources said they have already nabbed several errant traders and fined them.

Accident Services National Co-ordinator, Training, Pushpa Ramya de Soyza said training programs were being conducted to educate the public and schoolchildren on the use of fireworks.

She said fireworks were a major health concern during the festive season and warned parents to ensure that all fireworks are lit under strict supervision.

National Eye Hospital sources told the Sunday Observer that children were the main victims of fireworks and eye injuries were the leading cause of such injuries. They warned parents to refrain from buying fireworks and crackers in the open market and to purchase them only from authorised dealers.

CAA sources have also reportedly begun sending inspectors to inspect toys and decorations for Christmas trees. “We are carrying out sudden raids as we do every year and all offenders will be punished,” a spokesperson said.