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Sri Lankan hulk crushes his detractors

Lucien Pushparaj: Sri Lanka’s first world gold winner
Lucien Pushparaj: Sri Lanka’s first world gold winner

Lucien Pushparaj, Sri Lanka’s version of the world’s Incredible Hulk, smashed up his detractors as he won the World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships held in Thailand early this month.

He won the gold medal beating the rest of the best on the world stage at a time some Sri Lankan administrators entrusted with safeguarding the interests of athletes worked against him in a smear campaign to discredit him.

They even moved to ban him from contesting meets and championships on the world stage.

Pushparaj earlier claimed that Sri Lankan officials had petitioned the global bodybuilding organisation to ban him from a major competition in the USA last year which had deprived him of a visa.

Local officials also accused him of doping which he flatly rejected. They also succeeded in taking away government funds that came his way.

Pushparaj said he was elated to receive a touching welcome on his return to Sri Lanka.

“Compared to other countries we Sri Lankans have plenty of drawbacks and I was touched by the welcome I received from so many humble people. I started this journey alone and it was my happiest moment and a blessing from Jesus”, said Pushparaj a product of Basilica College in Ragama in an interview with the Sunday Observer.

Pushparaj said he will not blame anyone or even the Sports Ministry for the obstacles he faced on his long journey to success and thanked his employer for helping him to meet his expenses on tour.

“I was never after personal glory and all I wanted was for my country to come first but there were elements that wanted to tarnish me. It is all in the past now”, said Pushparaj.

Pushparaj earlier won the overall Asian championship marking a first time for Sri Lanka in the 100kg category.

The Asian championship was organized by the Asian Bodybuilding and Physical Sports Federation.