Cocky Peterites blow up rugby opener | Sunday Observer

Cocky Peterites blow up rugby opener

St. Peter’s College blew up their chances of beating S. Thomas’ College in their opening match of the inter school league rugby championship at Mount Lavinia on Thursday.

The Peterites had the firepower to win by at least five tries after scoring two in the first 15 minutes, but they indulged in some meaningless play.

On one occasion they opted to go in for a line-out instead taking a penalty at close range that could have given then a 17-0 at half time.

In the process they lost the line-out and never won any put-ins thereafter.

They tried some up-and-under kicks but never got under the ball as the Thomians gleefully accepted the kicks.

To add to that, two of the Peterite players were sent out with yellow cards.

The Thomians conceded just five penalties while the Peterites lost ground on two occasions falling inches short of scoring.

Finally they had a chance to win but the conversion to their last try was aimed not at the goal posts but somewhere else and final score was 20-19 in favour of the Thomians.