‘Smart phones use can lead to addiction’ | Sunday Observer

‘Smart phones use can lead to addiction’

Excessive use of smart phones can lead to addiction, creating psychological disorders, such as anti-social behaviour, aggressive tendencies and lack of concentration, St.Joseph’s College, Colombo Principal Rev.Fr. Travis Gabriel told the annual prize giving of the school recently.

He said some teens spend long hours with their smart phones, not having adequate time for their studies.

There are others who study with their phones on. Each time the phone rings or there is an alert or message sent, they get distracted. Although they spend time studying, hardly anything goes into their heads, he said.

They are unable to focus on their studies and many who use the phone excessively end up with depression.

Addiction to smart phones among teenagers has become a serious problem, Rev.Fr. Gabriel said.

Parents should talk to their children about the use of technology. The most important aspect to good parenting is communication, he said.