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All for the love of music

A very thoughtfull Supun Perera
A very thoughtfull Supun Perera

Supun Perera is a vocalist, popularly known for his first song Radhawani which became a hit overnight. He belongs to the genre of artistes who are eager to create something fresh and innovative. Supun is concerned about the quality of his work above anything else. With the release of his latest song, Kampa Nowan Mahamaya he has proved that he is talented in almost all genres of music.

This week the Youth Observer speaks to Supun Perera about his musical journey and how his passion for music has grown over the years.

Q How did you get into music?

I have been singing from my small days. After I got selected to Peradeniya University for a degree in Management, some friends and I formed an acoustic band and we did some gigs. A lot of people got to know about my talents and I started to think seriously about music. I took part in a leading Reality Show which gave me a lot exposure and I realised that I should explore and learn music.

Q Was your decision approved by your family?

It was a problem for them in the beginning. They did not like that I chose music rather than a job in management as music is not a stable, secure career to pursue in Sri Lanka. I did work in the management field for two years even though I was not happy doing so. As music is what I am good at, I decided to take to singing as a career. My passion is in music. When my family realised that I had the potential, they agreed with my decision.

Q What is your most popular song?

Radhawani is the most popular of all my songs. Through it I became popular with the younger generation.

Q What's your take on the trends in music?

I have no objection to such trends. If your talent is something which can be developed then you should do it your way rather than follow the ‘trend’ which is financially beneficial. I have doubts as to the quality of the lyrics and the music that's created just following a certain trend. The media backs such songs thinking they are catchy and easily marketable. The songs do not give space to the audience to think nor to develop their taste in music.

Q How would you describe the response from fans?

Quite amazing. Their responses are very encouraging. My songs were actually released without a video. So, I am surprised when people recognise me and come and talk to me.

I think Social Media has played a huge part in this. It allows people to get to know the artistes profile online and then they start to follow the said profile.

Q Why did you not do videos for your songs and release only audios at first?

Doing a good video is a huge task which requires a lot of hard work and proper planning. It also requires good financial backing. When Radhawani was released, a lot of persons were willing to sponsor a video. Some artistes volunteered to be a part of it. I always thought that if I am to do a video then it should be relevant to the song. It should add value to the song and not tarnish the popularity of the song. I was able to do a good video for Radhawani which will be released in the first week of March. I took around 7-8 months to do this video and I believe it is of great quality.

Q Do you believe that a video is a must to make a song popular?

When my songs were released on YouTube with art work, people started talking about the art work. It did not affect the popularity of my songs. I have RaviJ and Chirath Kodithuwakku - the best in the field. Their creativity is just incredible.

Q Do you consider likes/dislikes of your audience when choosing events?

Yes, I make sure to go for events which go with my type of music and audience. The maturity of the audience to whom I cater is different to that of a normal person. So I think I should live up to their expectations of me as a singer.

Q Who do you wish to thank for supporting you?

When I was in the University, I was lucky to be trained by Suren Dissanayake in Western Classical Music and Vocals. I gained knowledge on Indian Classical music from former Siha Shakthi leader,Ananda Perera.

The Wayo Band, especially Sangeeth Wijesuriya. Mihindu Ariyaratne and his wife, Nimanthi have helped me throughout. I was also trained by Nadeeka Jayawardena and Anoja Weerasinghe for over a year during the Reality Show which shaped my career.

I am glad that I met Ridma and Charitha. Our thinking and tastes in music tallies and it feels great to do new, creative music with them and I thank my family for supporting me.