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Nayana Dharshana - aspires to be a great chef

The secret of my success as a chef is the good intentions I have when preparing a meal or a dish. I believe cooking is a form of meditation and a dish must be made with good intentions for the consumer to enjoy it - Chef, Dr. Publis Silva

“Son, you better concentrate on your studies else you will have to stay home and cook for the family...” said the annoyed parent to draw some sense into his frivolous child. This certainly sounds like a part of a serious dialogue that took place in the not too recent past.Today, a career in the culinary arts has become one of the most interesting and well paid occupations. Food is not just something we need to survive, but has become a source of income for survival. Food can be one of the greatest pleasures in life and savoured when prepared by someone with the knack for flavours, right skills and training. Chefs are in great demand these days, thanks to reality shows like Master Chef. Anyone interested in mastering the culinary arts should ideally have a passionfor cooking. In an interview with the Youth Observer, Nayana Dharshana spoke of his interest in cooking and of his future dreams.

“Currently I am following a course in culinary arts at the Hotel School, Nugegoda. Everyone enjoys and relishes when I make pizzas which is a savoury dish of Italian origin. I guess that the best dish I make is a pizza. My dream is to open a restaurant very soon. I love cooking and I used to help my mom in her kitchen from my childhood,” Dharshana said.

Dharshana is following a cookery course as the primary step to his dream of becoming a professional chef. “Apart from my interest in cookery, I like modelling and fashion designing. I studied at Daybridge International School, Dehiwela. Health Science was my favourite subject in school. I play badminton during my leisure time,” he said with a smile.

Cooking has always been a passion for Dharshana since his childhood and he has been so fortunate to have the backing of his family to make things work well. He is influenced very much by renowned chefs like Dr. Publis Silva. Pix: Gayan Pushpika