Siddhalepa unveils children’s art competition | Sunday Observer

Siddhalepa unveils children’s art competition

The Hettigoda Group has organised an art competition for children.

The talent search for excellence in drawing and painting skills through a countrywide competition called the Kekulu Art Competition first began in 2012.

Underscoring its popularity and success, the participation of preschool children nationwide has steadily increased over the years. This year’s competition will be judged on young children’s perception and talents in presenting a Rainy Day.

Entries close on October 15. Application appear in the ‘Athuru Mithuru’ children’s paper.

The competition is open to preschool children in all 25 districts. Held districtwise, the competition culminates with an overall winner from each of the 25 districts. All participants will receive a certificate as an encouragement and recognition of their participation.

This year’s competition titled a ‘Rainy Day’ is designed to trigger the young imagination and induce children to use their best skills of artistic expression to depict a natural phenomenon that children in tropical countries experience as part of life from a tender age, learn to live with and value.

“Our commitment to the younger generation is given expression by this all island competition which reaches all our pre schools in every district. We value our children as the true wealth of our country and organizing and being committed to a countrywide competition of this magnitude is our contribution to tap the inherent skills of our children and reward them accordingly,” said Chairman, Siddhalepa Group, Dr.Victor Hettigoda.