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 Raymond Perera – Remembering you on your birthday

Wish you a happy birthday and many happy returns of the day. These wishes come to you from your wife Nilani, son Samudra, daughters Sarah and Chandhima.

Although one and a half years have gone by since your demise on January 17, 2018, we still cannot come to terms with the fact that you are no more with us having gone on a long journey never to return.

Not a single day passes without our remembering you. The vacuum you have left is unbearable. You were such a gentle person to your children and family. You were faithful and dedicated to your bosses and friends. Everybody has a good word for you. Those are the memories you have left behind. Your children too follow your footsteps.

Wherever you are, we pray to God to keep you safely in his arms till we meet one day.

May God Bless You Raymond.

- Nilani Perera