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Cyaniq and Mylinex launch Broadkast

Head of Sales, Mylinex International, Shanaka Mendis
Head of Sales, Mylinex International, Shanaka Mendis

Sri Lanka’s first rich content mass communication platform with viber messaging enablement

Specialised corporate and marketing communications consultancy, Cyaniq Global partnered mobile technology solutions provider Mylinex International to unveil Broadkast, a rich content broadcast platform set to reimage the future of mass media communication with cutting edge mobile technologies.

Broadkast presently enables enterprise users to broadcast promotional messaging via mobile relays including voice, SMS, and for the first time in South East Asia - Viber.

Chief Executive, Cyaniq Global,
Rohitha Perera

The integration of Viber, introduces a new dimension to mass broadcasting by enabling the inclusion of rich visual content in messages. Users of the platform will now be able to create rich content for broadcast to over eight million local Viber users and direct them to custom URL destinations to complete defined actions.

Viber, the cross-platform voice over IP and instant messaging software application developed by Japanese MNC - Rakuten is the dominant messaging platform in Sri Lanka out numbering similar applications significantly through its user base.

Mylinex, a Sri Lankan representative at the Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2018 has been present in the telecommunications signaling service industry with a comprehensive suite of services offered in collaboration with the country’s major telcos.

“We are excited to introduce the platform to the market. We believe in its potential as a great tool for broadcasting messages to mass audiences through powerful mobile media vehicles like Viber. The product is going to continue to evolve and add features and we think the potency of the platform will be proven in the coming weeks,”said Head of Sales, Mylinex International Shanaka Mendis.

Cyaniq has seen a great success in utilising content for enhanced engagement and consumption among targeted audience segments via multiple media platforms. In 2018, Cyaniq hosted Sri Lanka’s first ever Instagram platform Collaborator Forum in a bid to occupy thought leadership in the country’s early foray into social media marketing through the Instagram platform.

“The Broadkast platform brings together technology and mass media communication in a contemporary way through integrations with platforms such as Viber. It’s interesting to see how the industry will adjust to fully leverage the opportunity that the platform is able to offer. We expect a lot of promise for this platform in industries where reaching mass audiences is imperative,”said Chief Executive, Cyaniq Global Rohitha Perera.

Having completed user testing and quality assurance processes, Broadkast is now ready for business use and is available for trial via Cyaniq and Mylinex. Contact a consultant via [email protected] or visit for more information.