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Galappaththi’s Roopaye Asandhimithrakama

Veteran film critic Ajith Galappaththi is to launch his latest book on photomontage criticism, Roopaye Asandhimithrakama on September 16 at the Tharangani hall, National Film Corporation, Colombo.

The book is based on the criticism of the picture and its cinematic nature. Primarily it aims at helping movie viewers to divide a movie into pieces on the basis of pictures and produce different meanings. The author Ajith Galappaththi is a well experienced film critic in Sri Lanka who has already published eight books on Cinema. Books pertaining to the work of Sir Lester James Peries, Sumithra Peries, B.A.W. Jayamanne, Tony Ranasinghe and Tissa Abeysekara are also among them.

Ajith has served as a jury member at several Cinema and Teledrama award festivals, and a member of the Public Performance Board. He is also a member of the teledrama review board of the Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation and the foreign teledrama reviewing board at the Ministry of Mass Media.

Parliamentarian Dr. Sarath Amunugama and Deepthi Kumara Gunarathne will be the key speakers at the book launch. In addition, senior artistes, Swarna Mallawarachchi, Malini Fonseka, Anoja Weerasinghe, Sabitha Perera, Sriyani Amarasena, Nadeeka Gunasekera and Nilmini Sigera will receive first copies of the book. The event will be marked with a song by Chitral Somapala and the newest short film of Ashoka Handagama.

Roopaya Asandhimithrakama is a Sarasavi publication.