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Multilac launches Pintharu Abhimani

At the launch of Pintharu Abhimani
At the launch of Pintharu Abhimani

Multilac launched Pintharu Abhimani 2019 at the Manderina Hotel in Colombo recently.

Multilac is committed to enhance the professional lives of painters across the island, a company spokesman said.

The winners of the ‘Multilac Pat Pat Waasi’ competition will receive their prizes along with ‘Pintharu Abhimani 2019’.

‘Pintharu Abhimani’ was initiated in 2018 to put the lives of the local painters on a sound footing and Multilac distributes a portion of its revenue among them by way of monetary gifts and other prizes.

Parallel to the program ‘Pintharu Abhimani’ another program was also implemented for women painters. Fifty women painters were selected and given skill development training under the preview of chairperson of the Women Construction Association, Prof. Chithra Wedikkara.

General Manager of Macksons Paint, Ramesh Perera said, “Many CSR projects are in progress under the initiation of Multilac. ‘Pintharu Abhimaani 2019’ was launched in a bit to give exposure to the local painters who never get appreciated. The massive promotional program under that ‘Multilac Pat Pat Waasi’ will also select its winners today and they will be awarded with fabulous prizes”

The winners will be selected from customers and the painters who have sent coupons after participating in the competition “Multilac Pat Pat Waasi” and grand prizes will be offered to them. Accordingly a car for the first place, three motor bicycles for the second place, foreign tours for the third place, smart mobile phones for the fourth place and a washing machine for the fifth place will be offered.

The program ‘Pinsalen Pensalata’ which Multilac has organised before, was aimed at developing the creative skills of children.