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Words in motion

The Ghostly Banyan

As the blazing sun scorched the sky
Crows and sparrows away they fly
Tingling warmth against my feet
Does it stop me? Racing to the height
Ghostly banyan towering over me
Swaying its branches challenging at its enemy
Taking a vow never to look down
I scramble up to reach the crown
When glory was just a fraction away
Hefty branches didn’t they sway?
Loosing the battle I let go of my finger
Enveloped in darkness is all I remember
Oblivion of tragedy oh! So fatal
Months and months I spend in the hospital
Hefty branches once again sway
As I tuck my hair with streaks of grey
Tracing the wheels with time lost its gleam
I draw closer as if in a dream
As the leaves rustled under, I tremble in unknown fear
Face it! my heart screams as I draw near
Chin lifted I stare at the monster
Standing amongst the concrete jungle
she seemed to be in so much despair
Suddenly my fear does disappear
Soon she’ll give way for a brick banyan to grow
Soon the winged souls will migrate in a row
Sorrow engulfed I shed a tear for my enemy
Years and years with hate I lived in vanity
Confining my destiny to a metal machine
Cursing and abusing the glorious banyan
Overwhelmed with emotion I cuddle her tight
Not wanting to say the eternal goodbye!

By Zeenath S.A. Razack



Gazing at the briny waves approaching me,
Faraway beyond the framed glass
Indeed I’m forlorn and deserted
Venture to feel the gentle breeze,
But hindered by my love.
Obscure souls indeed warmer than him,
Neither affection, nor attention
Neither bliss, nor release
I croon like a caged bird
Craving for love,
Yearning for company
Gazing at the azure world
Through the fine bars of the cage
Will I ever be able to feel the breeze?

- Fathima Raziya

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