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Brainwashing: Signs that you are being brainwashed (without  even realising it)
Brainwashing: Signs that you are being brainwashed (without even realising it)

Brainwashing is not something new to Sri Lanka. The best brain washers are in the JVP, in NGOs and in the capitalist political parties. The brainwashers in the JVP, brainwash youth who come into state universities and keep their vote base at a certain level all the time. Unfortunately the youth who undergo brainwashing do not understand their own plight. It’s only after obtaining a job in the private sector they realise that they were brain washed!

The brain washers in the capitalist political parties are funded by certain foreign countries. The local brainwashers implement what those countries want to achieve their targets. Unfortunately people who get brainwashed understand this reality only after a few years. By that time the brainwashers have already achieved their targets. Usually it takes two or three years for the people to understand that they were brainwashed!

Here come the most dangerous type of brain washers. They are in some NGOs. They fund anything or anyone that can be used to achieve their targets. Their brainwashing is not something limited to a short time, one generation or one era. It is for several decades. It is very creative and injected to almost all fields and subjects.

Text books

Recently some brainwashing tactics very creatively inserted into school text books were detected. The relevant authorities should go through every single word of a book that ends in the hands of school children.

The meaning of sentences should be checked more than twice. Therefore there should be no excuse for including `brainwashing’ in a book published in order to provide sex education for school children.

Another school text book was found recently with a picture of a boy playing football (soccer). The picture describes the history of Sri Lanka! Earlier the place of the picture was taken by the Sri Dalada Maligawa. We cannot think about such incidents as an isolated ‘mistake’ or `shortcoming’.

Those are purely acts for brainwashing. We have to find out who is funding these acts of brainwashing. Brainwashing in Sri Lanka does not stop there.

Do you remember 2015 ? The Presidential Election results of 2015 were based on the brainwashing capabilities of the elements funded by NGOs.

Brainwashing is not something very easy. It needs creativity, funding and dedication. Those qualities are very common among persons who are involved in brainwashing. They `invent’ new theories and `concepts’ in order to brainwash people.

Then they brainwash people. But people never understand that they are getting brainwashed. The most important fact is that this brain washing theory included in any entity, cannot be noticed and understood by ordinary people.

For example there is no connection whatsoever between national security and reconciliation. But the previous regime very creatively built a `strategy’ to show a direct link between the two entities and make National Security something unimportant in the name of reconciliation. In 2009, the Government fought against `terrorists’ who killed thousands of innocent poor people and not ordinary Tamils. It was not a war. It was a humanitarian operation. Therefore why cannot Sri Lankans commemorate the end of the humanitarian operation? Here comes the brain washing part! Reconciliation is a two way process. It is not suppressing the rights of the majority in the name of entertaining a handful of individuals paid by NGOs.

The National Anthem

The latest branwashing tactic came into the limelight very recently in connection with the National Anthem. National Anthems are sung in the main language of the specific country and not in all the languages of the people living in that country. A large Tamil population lives in Tamil Nadu, India but the National Anthem of India is never sung in the Tamil language. Therefore there is no argument at all about which language should be used to sing the National Anthem in Sri Lanka. The arguments should be based on live and concrete evidence and not on certain useless and meaningless ideas expressed by certain individuals with hidden personal agendas.

We patriotic Sri Lankans should make sure that our future generation cannot be brainwashed by any element. The only way of doing it is teaching truth and reality from childhood. We have to teach our children that there are gays and lesbians in our society and that they are entitled to all the human rights enjoyed by other human beings. At the same time, we have to teach our children that they cannot all come into top positions in the country, dominate us and force ordinary (straight) people to change according to their preferences! We have to teach our children very clearly that being a gay or lesbian is not a `license’ to break the law, rules and regulations of the country, get priority in everything and to receive special benefits.

We have to teach our future generations that in Sri Lankan history, there was a period of terror which killed over 60,000 members of armed forces, clergy, pregnant mothers, infants, children, elderly and patients and destroyed billions of rupees worth properties. We should include in school text books (in the part of Sri Lankan history) when the terror ended, who ended it and how it ended.

Sri Lanka will never be able to become a country like China or Japan until the people of the country learn and believe its true history, until loopholes are available to interpret the country’s history according to the personal requirements and hidden agendas.