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Foreign football coach for Sri Lanka soon

The Sri Lanka football team has reached a very low level at present and needs to be lifted with many changes according to the Football Federation of Sri Lanka.

During the past two years the team has failed to live up to expectation though the FFSL got the services of a local coach giving him a target to achieve but he has failed to deliver the expected results.

Media men attending a press briefing at the FFSL auditorium for the draw of the Vantage FA Cup raised the question as to why the negative results came forth.

President of the Federation Anura de Silva admitted that the present coach has failed.

“Earlier even with foreign coaches we raise our standard and there are always ups and downs,” said Anura de Silva. He also said that present technical Official’s term of office is to expire by the end of March.

Considering this factor the FFSL has taken a decision to select a foreigner to take over the national team from end of March.

“Already we have received many applications and decided to interview five of them with high qualifications and to select the best to take charge of the team in the future,” said De Silva.

When asked as to why the coach is not presenting himself at press briefings to answer the questions and clarify the situation to the media, De Silva said that at present he was with the national teams practice sessions in preparing them for the Banga Bandu Championship scheduled for January 15.

He said once they return from Bangladesh they will make arrangements to meet the media.

De Silva further added that the team manager Sunil Jayaweera was requested by the FFSL to resign and he has forwarded his resignation which was accepted.