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Dengue, rat fever on the rise

Covid-19 is under control and there is no reason whatsoever for the public to refrain from visiting state hospitals. Since Dengue and rat fever (Leptospirosis) can increase during this rainy season, people should visit their nearest state hospital to obtain medical treatment.

All state hospitals have modern medical facilities and there is no need to travel long distances to reach a specific state hospital, Health Services Director General Dr. Anil Jasinghe said.

Consultant Physician attached to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID) Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama said people should visit state hospitals without any fear and get a full blood count (FBC) done if they suffer from fever for two days because dengue and rat fever are on the rise now. Complications can be avoided by seeking prompt medical treatment, he said.

The week starting Monday (25) is crucial because we can see whether there is a Covid-19 transmission in the country or not with the opening up of the country step by step.

Therefore people who have fever, cough etc should seek prompt medical treatment, to prevent spreading the disease, he said.

Consultant Epidemiologist, Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry Dr. Hasitha Tissera said there is no need to suffer from `Covid-19 phobia› because  it is under full control in Sri Lanka and people should visit state hospitals for their regular health needs without any fear. Since dengue and rat fever could increase with the ongoing adverse weather, people should be vigilant of fever and other symptoms and seek early medical treatment to prevent fatal complications.

Health Promotion Bureau (HPB) Director Dr. Palitha Karunapema too said people should seek medical treatment from state hospitals as usual without any fear because Covid-19 is under control in Sri Lanka.