1,974 arrested for various crimes within 24-hours | Sunday Observer

1,974 arrested for various crimes within 24-hours

11 July, 2020
The Police had arrested 1,974 suspects over various crimes including the possession of narcotics, firearms and explosives during island-wide raids conducted within 24-hour period between 12am July 9 till 12am on July 10, according to the police media division.
Accordingly, 222 suspects were arrested with 1kg 550g and 419mg of heroin, 1kg 193mg and 821g of cannabis was seized and 139 suspects were arrested. Further, 5g and 932mg of Ice were seized during this period and 11 suspects were arrested.
Meanwhile, five suspects have been arrested over the possession of weapons and firearms.
Another 310 suspects were arrested by the police during this period for engaging in the distilling of illicit liquor and 3,676 litres of illicit brew were taken into custody.
In addition, the police had also arrested 613 suspects who had arrest warrants issued against them while another 674 suspects were arrested over various other crimes, the Police Media Division said.