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Parliamentary Election 2020

President needs a supportive Government – Yatamalagala Sumanasaara Thera

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa needs a supportive government to implement his policy manifesto presented during the last Presidential polls, said Ven. Yatamalagala Sumanasaara Thera, Advisor to the Singapore Quingliang Vihara, Executive Director HELP International and Voice of Dhamma Centre, Pattivila in an interview with the Sunday Observer.


Q. Why do you say that the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna (SLPP) should be elected to power?

A: President Gotabaya Rajapaksa was elected President with a clear majority of votes as the people were impressed by his policy manifesto presented at the Presidential Election.

He needs a supportive government to implement his policy manifesto.

All those who are concerned about the well-being of the people, should elect the SLPP to power to strengthen the hands of President Rajapaksa.

Q. How confident are you that the SLPP will win the General Election due on August 5?

A: The SLPP is the only political party that could win the confidence of the voters.

They are united and the people have reposed their confidence in Gotabaya Rajapaksa when they elected him as the President of the country with an unprecedented majority. No other political party can march with the SLPP and resolve the issues of the people.

Take for instance, the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although there were lapses at the beginning, the world appreciates Sri Lanka’s achievement in controlling the pandemic. The country achieved this because of the correct guidance of the President. It is a laudable achievement with only a caretaker government.

All officials responded positively to work with commitment to control the pandemic.

Now the country is returning to normalcy thanks to doctors, nurses and other officials falling in line and to the people following health guidelines to the best of their ability.

All that was possible because the President showed his commitment, acted wisely and brought all sectors together to work under his authority. He is the man for the season and he needs a strong Parliament to sail smoothly.

The people who appreciate the work he has done within a short period will elect a supportive government.

Q. What do you say about his admonition to state officials to keep away from party politics?

A: The Head of State has drawn his attention to a vital area and reminded state officials the role they need to play to assist the Government to run its affairs irrespective whichever party that comes to power. The President said nothing special. All he said is found in statutory books. What the President did was to draw officials’ attention to what was in black and white.

Q. What do you think about former Minister Mangala Samaraweera opting to bid adieu to active politics?

A: How can he face the electorate? How can he face the Maha Sangha? How can he get on to a political platform as there is growing protest over his utterances, attacking the Sangha? He knew what his fate would be. We should not take him seriously as he is an outdated politician. His decision saved his fate and the country.

Q. What will happen to the UNP? Why did they split?

A: I cannot say anything on this because that is their internal matter. But the Government needs a strong opposition.

The split is a bad sign for a democratic country.

A good Government needs the critical support of the Opposition. Criticism of a strong Opposition is a blessing; it is the leading light for a Government; the Government will be cautious when there is a reaction to every action the Government takes. I only hope those in different camps will form a good Opposition.