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99X Technology launches knowledge portal

6 September, 2020
99X Technology CTO Hasith Yaggahavita (left) and Chief Product Officer Chatura de Silva at the ideation stages of the Winning Product portal
99X Technology CTO Hasith Yaggahavita (left) and Chief Product Officer Chatura de Silva at the ideation stages of the Winning Product portal

Building a software product sounds simple and straightforward but launching one that can win in the global marketplace is far from easy. Understanding this, software product engineering specialist 99X Technology has taken its knowledge, amassed over nearly two decades of building over 150 software products for independent software vendors (ISVs), and put it all together in an online portal aptly titled ‘Winning Product’.

A fully volunteer-driven initiative by the product engineers of 99X Technology, winningproduct.com is an interactive site that covers all stages of the product lifecycle – from exploring an idea right down to retiring a product. It has been created to be a one-stop shop for anyone interested in any aspect of building a market-winning software product, whether it is a mature product company or an entrepreneur with a bright idea. 

Every piece of information on the site has been tried and tested by the product engineers of 99X Technology. It is also community driven and invites anyone interested in contributing to the space to do so, bringing together the best practices from more success stories and even failures. The model identifies 87 process areas within eight key stages in the product life cycle. Each of these 87 areas include supporting links, how-tos and measurements. 

“Over the years, we have been through dozens of product life cycles with our ISV customers and we’ve understood that there isn’t a single formula to create a winning product. Yet, we believed that the experience we have gained through co-creating products with ISVs, illustrated through systematic sets of activities, was something that was worth sharing with the global community,” said 99X Technology CTO Hasith Yaggahavita. 

99X Technology Chief Product Officer Chatura de Silva said, “Our goal with the Winning Product portal is for it to act as a guide along the path to success at any point of creating a software product, from the business value proposition to the technical detail, even aspects related to financing. It has been a tremendous undertaking by our product engineers and we are incredibly proud to release this publicly.”  

The Winning Product initiative of 99X Technology is also in line with the Sri Lanka Association of Software and Services Companies’ (SLASSCOM) vision to champion the creation of world-class tech products and helps position Sri Lanka as a pioneer in building tech products for global players. 

Apart from the released knowledge base, an assessment tool and a certification model for product consultants will be added in the near future. The knowledge base helps product engineering teams learn and understand the activities involved in building a winning product. The assessment tool will help teams understand where they stand in terms of product engineering practices. This will be strengthened by the certification model, to help teams get their team members certified as product consultants. 

“I must extend my gratitude to the over 60 volunteers who, for over a year, contributed to building the Winning Product portal. Our team consisted of product engineers, UI/UX engineers, QA engineers, project leads, interns and more. They helped immensely in gathering data, proofreading, and most importantly, reviewing the content thoroughly multiple times,” said 99X Technology Associate Technical Architect and AWS Community Hero Manoj Fernando.

The team is keen for it to be community-driven and welcomes all those interested to contribute to the portal.