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Stress-free retirement with Money Plus from NDB Wealth

4 October, 2020

A growing concern and fear among most people today is the timely planning retirement for their elderly parents. Every child aspires to provide a parent with a comfortable life, appreciating the countless sacrifices that parents have made throughout their lifetime. A Money Plus account from expert financial planner NDB Wealth will help them spend their retirement stress-free and happy.

Planning for the retired parents’ future, is just a very small way of paying them back for all they have done for you. Knowing that they can live a full, comfortable and healthy life in their sunset years is a relief. Getting a retirement income from a Money Plus account from NDB Wealth will set aside most common financial fears and will help them to maintain the lifestyle which they have become accustomed to.

With the help of NDB Wealth’s expert Financial Advisors, setting up a regular monthly income has never been simpler. All you need to do is, deposit or save a lump sum in Money Plus account. This will provide a convenient and uncomplicated monthly cash flow or a regular monthly income for your parents.

“Our financial advisors have the knowledge to provide you with the best fit options that your elderly parents as well as you can benefit from in the long term. In the event of any emergency, we offer the added flexibility of allowing you to withdraw the money at any time without any penalty,” said Head of Retail Sales, Nadun Pathirana. Money Plus from NDB Wealth with the current yield of 7.10% per annum as at 17th September 2020, is ideal for busy children or guardians who are unable to keep track of the regular fund availability for their elders.