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Catholic church acts on Covid-19

11 October, 2020

The Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo, in a media release, said that taking into consideration the Covid-19 situation, the Archdiocese has decided to take steps in support of the measures taken by the Health Authorities and the Security Forces.

Spokesman for Colombo Archdiocese Rev.Fr. Camillus Fernando stated that the Archbishop has taken the following measures in respect of religious observances: Catholic Private Schools and Catholic Dhamma Schools (Catechism Classes) within the Archdiocese of Colombo will remain closed until further notice. There will be no offering of Holy Mass or any religious service in all the Catholic Churches within the areas where curfew is on, and lockdown is imposed until the Authorities inform changes in the situation. There will be no offering of Mass on the next two Sundays in any Catholic Church in the Gampaha District. Daily Holy Masses, Catholic weddings Masses and Funeral Services could be held with permission obtained from the authorities and limiting participants to 50 persons.

Colombo and Kalutara districts under the administration of the Colombo Archdiocese could continue to conduct offering of Mass with permission from the Health authorities and in keeping with Covid-19 advice and instructions. Steps should be taken to ensure washing of hands, wearing masks and to observe one-metre social distance at every gathering for religious services in the mission/parish churches.