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Sussex College, Bandarawela marks 15th anniversary

8 November, 2020
Founder Chairman Sunil Jayatissa-Principal Anusha Halangoda
Founder Chairman Sunil Jayatissa - Principal Anusha Halangoda

Sussex College, Bandarawela has completed 15 years of contribution to the education sector and the community. 

The Sussex network of schools won awards for innovation and excellence in education last year which reinforces the belief that the students’ best interest is in the minds of the administrators.

Sussexians have consistently performed well and have done their school proud. All this of course would not have been possible without the support of the strong teacher community who have helped in bringing innovation to classrooms and have made learning a joyful experience, a spokesman for the  school said.

Sussexians believe in being able to shape the future as global citizens equipped with a mindset to excel.  The Founder Chairman and CEO of Sussex College Network,  Sunil Jayatissa is a leader with a well-defined vision who understands the academic and non-academic staff and determines the success of the Sussex College Network. He clearly communicates the goals of the school, inspiring confidence and trust among  the network and he nurtures other leaders.

Principal, Anusha Halangoda is an administrator with leadership skills and implements various student development programs. 

The academic staff of  Sussex College- Bandarawela is known for its high standards in the area, due to the skills of the academic sStaff. They not only provide the students with the best in education but also support the students in co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

The primary focus of the school is academic. However, co-curricular and extracurricular activities are encouraged. 

There are 28 clubs and societies at the Bandarawela school. Among them are:  The Art and Handicraft society, the Buddhist Society, Books Club, Catholic, and Christian Students’ Union, Computer Society, Dancing Society, English Debaters’ Club, English Drama Society, English Literary Association, Gavel Club, General Knowledge Club, Hindu Students’ Union, Green Circle, Islamic Society,  Library Readers Association, Media Unit, Mental Mathematics Society, Oriental Music Society, Photographic Society, Red Cross Society, Science and inventors Club, Sinhala Drama Society, Sinhala Language and Literature Unit, Oratory and Debating Society, Social Services League, United Nations Club, Western Music Society and Girl Guides.

Among the annual events are: The prize giving, felicitation of members of clubs and societies, sports meet, Western music concert, Diyatha Concert, Inter-Sussex sports and athletics, band competitions, and graduation of Kindergarten students.

The school conducts 5S procedures, Quality Circles and Green projects and also  Grade 5 scholarship seminars, oratory and debating workshops.

A concert, Crescendo 2020 was organised by the Sussex Western Music Orchestra for the very first time and was a new experience to the Bandarawela community.

The 15th anniversary celebration is dedicated to the hard-working, determined, and visionary principals, teachers, and non-academic staff who worked  at Sussex, Bandarawela in the past.